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Custom Optics within 48 hours*

Express manufacturing of customized optical components

The standard delivery time for many of our optical coatings and technical glass materials at custom dimensions, even at large quantities, is typically only 1-2 weeks, which is already very quick. For customized technical optics, this already is a sensationally short delivery time because, in the optics industry, lead times of 8 weeks or more are not uncommon.

CNC-precision glass scribing machinePrecision glass edging machineTo offer our customers the best possible support, we have enhanced and optimized our internal processes and technologies to manufacture and deliver even faster. All begins with the time it takes to receive a quotation. You almost always receive our quote the same working day you have sent your request, provided you have used our inquiry form to place your request for quotation, and you live in the same time zone, and your RFQ reaches us working hours. Often you even receive our quote within a few minutes. Of course, this takes for granted that the requested optical parts don't require complicated manufacturing steps and, therefore, complex calculations. Our IT processes were explicitly developed from the ground up for our highly specialized requirements and perfectly tailored to our unique processes. Hence, we can generate quotations with almost no time, confirm your order very quickly, and immediately release it to production. Our sophisticated automated production technology and ingenious scheduling system, which tracks and monitors each order at each manufacturing and shipping step, make this possible.

Last but not least, our extensive range of continuously manufactured and stored precision glass and coating optical materials is a significant advantage that makes such short delivery times possible. Only by the perfect interaction of all of the mentioned factors, such as minimum internal lead times and optimal production processes, finally, such rapid delivery times for optics are possible. In parallel, our independently operating quality control consistently monitors the manufacturing to ensure our quality standards. After the optics we manufactured for you have passed our final quality control, your order can be released and delivered to you extremely fast.


Fast isn't quick enough for you?

48 h-Express Service LogoWe know how it is... You receive an essential order much too late, and your schedule gets completely messed up. Time is suddenly more than tight, but the job is crucial for your business? Or an error has crept, and a glass or optics does not fit into your application? Alternatively, a supplier supplied false or erroneous parts, or maybe you are under heavy time pressure with your new development?

To solve these and similar situations and for your rapid prototyping needs, we have created our 48-hour Express Optics Service. Orders that take advantage of our 48 h-Express Service are optical windows or substrates, front surface mirrors, anti-reflective coated glass, beamsplitters, optical filters, and many other optical components. We fabricate and ship these within only two working days. In other words, we can produce and deliver in less time than it usually takes in the optics industry only to receive a quotation!

The 48 h-Express Optics Service is available for many optical materials from our extensive delivery program and adds an extra charge. Whether the Express Optics Service is possible for a specific material is marked with the 48 h-logo 48 h express service symbol in the respective product datasheets. When you send your inquiry, please check the checkbox for the 48 h-Express Service. If the requested product qualifies for the Express Service, we rapidly reply with our 48 h-Express Service quotation. Optical lenses or spherical optics generally do not allow for the 48 h Express Service. Below is an overview of the optical materials that are eligible for processing with our 48 h-Express Service. Please also note the "Conditions for our 48 h Express Service"* further below:


You can order the following materials within our 48 h-Express Optics Service:


Glass Materials (for flat substrates or windows)

Selected Float Glass


B270 Superwite

1737F (alkali-free alumino-silicate glass)

EAGLE2000 (alkali-free glass)

7059 (low-alkali barium-borosilicate glass)

D263 T thin glass

AF 32® eco (alkali-free thin glass)

AS 87 eco (ultra-thin glass)

MEMpax® Borosilicate Glass

UV-Grade Quartz Glass (1 mm, 2 mm & 3 mm thickness)

Natural Fused Quartz, sight glass quality (3 mm & 5 mm thickness)

BK7 optical glass (1 mm, 2 mm & 3 mm thickness)


Metal-Coated Front Surface Mirrors

Enhanced Aluminum Front Surface Mirror (SEA-VIS & SEA-NIR)

Protected Aluminum Front Surface Mirror (SEA-UV)

Silver Metal Front Surface Mirror (SHP)

Spy Mirror (TDS)


Dielectric Coated Front Surface Mirrors

Dielectric high reflection Front Surface Mirror for polarized light (SHP-D)

Dielectric Front Surface Mirror for with high reflection (SHR)

Dielectric heat-transmitting Cold Mirror (SHD)

Dielectric 45°-Beamsplitters (DST)

Dielectric heat-reflecting Hot Mirrors (SIR)


Other Optical Coatings

ITO-coated glass (CEC)

Multi-layer anti-reflection coated glass (ARC, ARC-1S, ARC-B)

Oil-repellent (oleophobic) anti-reflection coatings (ARC-O)


*Terms and Conditions for our 48 h-Express Optics Service

The optical materials listed above usually qualify to be processed within our 48 h-Express Service, provided the required raw material is in stock when the order is received. The 48 h-Express Service adds cost. 48 h-Express Service means that the technical optics individually manufactured for you at a custom size will ship within two working days after receiving your order. We must receive your order no later than 12:00 AM (CET). Otherwise, the next working day is regarded as your order's reception date, and the delivery time of 2 working days (outgoing) applies from the next working day. The acceptance of an order under the 48 h-Express Service is subject to confirmation. It is binding only upon receipt of our order confirmation. We check in each case whether the 48 h Express service is possible before we send a quotation. For example, it depends on whether the raw material needed for an order exists in stock in sufficient quantity. Prior sale remains reserved. Under our 48-hour Express Service, only optics are possible that do not require too sophisticated technology or time-consuming machining steps or processes. Also, the possible quantity is limited within the 48-hour Express Service, although depending on the kind of optics, even 1000 or more parts may be possible. We check all this in an individual assessment before our quotation. Of course, we let you know as soon as possible if the optical component you requested can't be produced by taking advantage of our 48 h Express Service. If relevant, we inform you about necessary modifications, which would make a 48 h production possible. In rare cases, we may have to suspend the 48 h-Express Service temporarily. For example, this may be the case if our manufacturing load is so high that we can no longer guarantee delivery within two working days. In a case the delivery time of 2 working days (outgoing) cannot be met by us for any reason, we are not liable or responsible for any damage this might cause. Any delays that might occur from customs formalities or shipping delays are not our responsibility. Besides, our General Terms and Conditions of Sale (AVB) apply to the 48 h-Express Service.