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Silver-Coated Front Surface Mirrors

Special Properties

  • High broadband reflection of visible light
  • Wide range of angles of incidences
  • Protected metal thin film coating
  • Virtually no polarization effects
  • Efficient reflection of polarized and unpolarized light
  • High quality glass substrate

Typical Applications

  • Mirror optics for measurement & sensor technology
  • Folding mirrors LCD-projector systems
  • Digital camera mirror
  • Ophthalmic measurement equipment
  • Laser mirrors
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Our superior quality silver-coated SHP front surface mirror features a very high broadband optical reflection for visible light of > 98% and maintains its high reflectivity up to the infrared. Unlike it is the case with dielectric mirror coatings the reflectivity of our silver coatings is almost independent of the polarization of incident light. At the same time silver coated optics can be operated at a wider range of incidence angles. Due to the relative soft coating it is normally not recommended to use a silver coated front surface mirror in environments where they are exposed to high mechanical load or abrasion*. But thanks to the thin dielectric coating we deposit as a top layer on the metallic coating of the mirrors they are well protected from oxidation. The high quality glass substrate we use to make the SHP front surface mirrors keeps distortions low. As a result of their excellent optical properties our high reflection silver-metal mirror has its special place in many optical applications which require broadband high-reflection optical quality front surface mirror optics.

We are not restricted to a few stock mirror dimensions like it is often the case for catalog product resellers. We have specialized in rapid manufacturing of custom mirror sizes so even a custom sized standard front surface mirror optics at large quantities usually takes less than a week to arrive on your desk. This is of great advantage because this way the mirror will fit your application perfectly without any extra time and effort required to adapt your application to a fixed size catalog product. To request a quotation and to order our SHP mirrors with individual dimensions please use the button below:


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*For applications with increased mechanical exposure we developed our all dielectric SHP-D mirrors which offers similar properties as our SHP.



SHP Silver Metal Front Surface Mirror reflection

View reflection curve of the SHP Silver Mirror



  • Silver + protective overcoating

Standard Substrate

  • Selected Float Glass
  • Other mirror substrate materials on request

Mirror Coating

  • Reflective silver coating with protective overcoating


  • Ravg > 98% @ 420 - 680 nm, i=45°
  • High reflection up to 12 μm

Surface Quality

  • typ. 80-50 scratch & dig (MIL-0-13830A)
  • Other surface quality on request

Other Specifications

  • Adherence according to MIL-M-13508C,
    4.4.6, Tape Test
  • Hardness according to MIL-M-13508C,
    4.4.5, 50 x

Standard Thickness

Additional detailed technical information on the SHP mirrors is available on request. We also make other metallic front surface mirrors like enhanced-aluminum, protected-aluminum, or chrome coatings. Also gold coatings are possible on a batch basis per inquiry.


All given details and specifications are mean reference values and are not guaranteed. In addition please consider our "Notes on technical specifications"