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Other optical components and optics from our production program

Optical components are essential elements in various optical systems and play a crucial role in controlling light. They are designed to interact with light waves to perform specific functions.

Besides our standard optics and coatings, our company manufactures many more optical elements that are too special to be presented in single datasheets. We make all kinds of optical parts for numerous applications in the photonics community, and we develop new optical components every day. Our daily production business includes optics for laser systems, sensor technology, fiber optical systems, optoelectronics, research, development, and science. We process a large variety of optical materials, and we also make optics not listed on our website. It does not make sense, and it is not practicable, to provide datasheets for all possible optics and materials we produce and process. You will find a general overview of some additional products from our extensive manufacturing program here:


Dichroic Color Filters

High-efficiency color-separating filters to separate different wavelength ranges for lighting systems and laser use in the VIS up to the infrared spectrum


Laser Optics

Custom-made high-power precision laser mirrors, windows, beam splitters, and filters for all lasers up to 2000 nm


Opal and Flashed Opal Glass

Milky, solid opal, or flashed opal glass for light diffusers




Filter Combinations

We can combine different filter types to create optics that achieve a specific characteristic for light applications and laser systems.


Diffusers for light and lasers

Ground glass with a defined surface roughness for uniform light distribution.


Long Pass, Short Pass, Band Pass, and Interference Filters

Filters with customized optical characteristics for optical systems, fiber optics, and laser beams.


blue optical filter


Cylinder Lenses

Round or plano-convex cylinder lenses. Line-generating optics and lenses for light and laser applications. Moreover, other lenses are possible if the quantity is large enough for the required tooling.



Custom-made precision penta-prisms, beamsplitter penta-prisms, right-angle prisms, and other prismatic optics.



Manufacturing of CNC-processed optical parts with complex shapes is part of our daily business.


CNC-manufactured components


Chemical Tempering

Increased scratch- and thermal shock resistance and better hardness of the surface can be achieved by chemical tempering.


Thermal Tempering

Glass with high thermal shock resistance and single sheet safety glass.


Custom Optics

Optical components and optics made according to customers' specifications are one of our strengths. We fabricate high-quality front surface mirrors, optical filters, beam splitters, optical windows, and substrates according to specifications.

The optics you are looking for aren't here? Request a quotation for your particular optical component!


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