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Coated filters and optical filter glasses

We supply filter solutions for nearly every optical task

Optical filters are crucial in industry applications, science, research, spectroscopy, telecommunications, and medical technology. One of the primary purposes of optical filters is to control the spectrum of a light beam. Depending on their properties, filters transmit, reflect, or absorb certain spectra. Absorptive filters, like colored filter glass, attenuate the light intensity across a particular spectral range. Reflective filters, commonly used in laser or imaging applications, selectively reflect or transmit wavelengths, allowing precise light output control. Another vital category of optical filters is interference filters, which exploit the principle of interference to separate wavelength ranges by reflection or transmission. Such filter optics are used in various areas, such as astronomy and remote sensing, where it is necessary to isolate distinct spectral lines for accurate analysis. Optical filters also find extensive applications in photography, microscopy, and medical imaging. In fluorescence microscopy, filters are used to excite fluorescent dyes with special wavelengths and selectively capture the emitted light, improving contrast and enabling detailed examination of cellular structures. In medical imaging, filters can enhance image quality, remove haze or glare, and separate particular tissue or organ features for an accurate diagnosis. Moreover, in addition to their scientific and research applications, optical filters have become essential in modern telecommunication systems.

Please find below the continuously available optical filters from our extensive manufacturing program. Please follow the links to the datasheets to view details and specifications:


Cemented colored filters that create a bandpass filter combinationnullspacerCoated filters


SCHOTT color glass filters

We stock over a hundred high-quality optical filter raw materials from SCHOTT to ensure fast manufacturing and delivery. The SCHOTT filter optics program includes short pass, long pass, band pass, neutral density, color, notch, and conversion filters for various wavelengths. This type of filter is based on absorption. More details…


Neutral Density Filters – Grey Filters – Optical Density Filters

SCHOTT NG neutral density filters are perfect for applications requiring damping of incident light with a defined degree of attenuation. The NG 1, NG 3, NG 4, NG 9, NG 10, NG 11, and NG 12 filter group from SCHOTT is predominantly color-neutral and offers broadband transmission at a precisely defined level. These filter materials represent an industry standard for neutral-density filters. More details…


Heat Reflection Filters – Heat Reflecting Hot Mirrors – SIR Series

Our SIR dielectric heat-reflection filters are based on a dichroic thin-film, which is highly transparent to visible light and effectively blocks the infrared range up to around 1100 nm. This type of optical short pass filter is called a "hot mirror". The SIR also works in eye-tracking applications. It can reflect an infrared laser beam while remaining transparent to the eye. More details…


Heat Reflecting Filters with extended blocking range – SIR-IR Series

The SIR-IR filters offer high optical transmission in the visible and broadband blocking of the infrared wavelength band. This dichroic hot mirror represents the best compromise between maximum IR-blocking bandwidth and excellent visible transmittance.
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Cold Light Filters – SHD-Series

Our high-performance dichroic SHD cold light filters efficiently reflect the visible spectrum at an incidence angle of 45° while transmitting infrared light up to 2500 nm at 0° incidence. Hence, the filter optics can be called cold mirrors, dichroic filters, long pass filters, or dichroic beamsplitters. Its dielectric thin-film coating also separates visible and infrared laser beams. The SHD is often used to filter out heat from a beam path.
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Heat-Absorbing Filters – SCHOTT KG1-KG5

SCHOTT KG heat-absorbing filters are band pass filters that transmit the visible light while simultaneously absorbing the heat radiation of a light beam. Such heat protection filters operate almost independently of the incidence angle and are ideal for lighting applications. View details…


Are you looking for optical filters not listed here, or need technical support?

It is not feasible to list the many possible filter optics and coatings we make for any existing light- and laser-based application on a website. Hence, please consider using our inquiry form to request a quotation for custom optical filters, cemented filter combinations, fluorescence filters, and special dichroic or interference filters for an individual wavelength range. If you require engineering support or additional information, please do not hesitate to send us your inquiry with your optical filter's requirements.


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