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Optical Glass Filters and Coated Filter Optics

Overview about our optical filter components

Optical filters in optical systems have the task of blocking, transmitting, reflecting or cutting out a defined light wavelength range. Below you will find a selection of the most popular filters from our extensive filter delivery program:


Cemented glass filters that create a bandpass filter combinationnullspacerCoated optical filters


Optical glass filters made from SCHOTT color glass raw material

More than 100 different color glass filters for various applications from stock. Our extensive filter program includes short pass filters, long pass filters, band pass filters, neutral density filters and color filters as well as conversion filters. view more...


Neutral Density Filters, Grey Filters, OD-Filters

Neutral density filters from NG 1, NG 3, NG 4, NG 9, NG 10, NG 11 & NG 12 Filter glass attenuate incident light with a defined level. view more...


Heat Reflection Filters (Heat Reflecting Hot Mirrors) SIR Series

The dielectric heat reflection filters of our SIR series are coated filters on a borosilicate glass substrate which are transparent to visible light and effectively block infrared light up to approx. 1100nm. view more...


Heat Reflecting Filters with extended blocking range, SIR-IR Series

The SIR-IR filter features a good transmission in the visible and a broadband blocking of infrared wavelengths. It represents the best possible compromise between maximum blocking range width and high visible transmission. view more...


Cold Light Filters, (infrared transmitting mirrors), SHD-Series

Our SHD cold light filters cut out the visible light from a light beam. The dielectric filters simultaneously have a good infrared transmittance of up to 2500 nm. view more...


Heat-Absorbing Filters KG1-KG5

Heat-absorbing filters from SCHOTT KG filter glass allow the visible wavelength range to pass through and absorb the heat radiation of a light source. Such heat protection filters operate largely independently of the angle. view more...



You are searching for optical filters not listed here or you need engineering support?

Please note that it is impossible to list all types of optical filters we make on this website. To request a custom filter or a cemented filter combination, please use our coating request form. If you are in search of engineering support or additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.