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High-Tech ceramic materials with special properties


MACOR machinable Glass Ceramic (MGC)

MACOR® is a machinable white opaque technical glass ceramic (MGC) material with a high temperature resistance and special technical properties. MACOR® can be processed with conventional tools and with ordinary metal processing machines. more...


Example MACOR MGC srew  Macor finished part, example


ZERODUR® Transparent Glass Ceramic

ZERODUR® has an ultra-low coefficient of thermal expansion which is close to zero and a very good material homogeneity. The glass ceramic is often used for precision optics and demanding applications in space technology, science, and research. more...


AL2O3 Aluminum Oxide (Alumina) high performance ceramic

Alumina is a high purity high performance ceramic material with a 99,7% Al2O3 content. It offers a very high temperature resistance and has outstanding electrical insulation properties. more...