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Optical Windows

Flat window optics made of high-quality glass

Our company has produced optical windows for industry, research, and science for over 25 years. Optical windows transmit light, images, or lasers in optical systems without affecting the imaging or laser quality. The selection of the appropriate raw material is decisive for the achievable optical performance of a window. Hence, we solely use high-purity glass materials and specialty flat glasses to fabricate optical windows to limit distortions, ensure excellent imaging quality, and achieve maximum transparency.

For each application, there is an optimal solution. For example, using high-end glass to perform relatively simple window tasks does not make sense. On the other hand, sophisticated applications often require glass types with very high purity and quality. We are pleased to help you select the optimal and most economical solution for your optical application.

Below, please find links to a selection of materials from which we mainly manufacture optical windows and optical flats. It will help you find the optimal solution for your project. Please follow the links to the datasheets of the materials for all technical details and optical specifications:


Round window optics



Optical Windows:


BK7 Windows

N-BK7 is an industry standard for applications in the visible wavelength range requiring optical-quality windows. We fabricate all types of custom precision optics from BK7. Its high inner quality allows for laser applications. More ...


Quartz windows made of optical-grade synthetic Fused Silica

Fused silica has nearly perfect purity and outstanding optical quality. This type of optical-grade quartz glass offers exceptional transmittance for deep ultraviolet up to infrared light. Precision laser windows typically require fused silica as their base material. At a wavelength of 185 nm, the material already transmits more than 80 % of light, making optical-grade fused silica an ideal material for deep UV-transmitting optics. Besides, an operating temperature of up to 1000 °C is possible. We also use this high-quality fused silica material to produce our quartz microscope slides. More ...


BOROFLOAT® windows

BOROFLOAT® borosilicate glass is temperature-resistant up to 500 °C. It provides excellent optical quality, low absorption, and exceptionally high chemical resistance, making it perfect for fabricating industrial-grade windows for visible to infrared wavelengths. It is also an economical substrate for mirrors and filter optics. We always have a wide range of thicknesses of BOROFLOAT® available. More ...


B 270® – Superwite windows

B 270® is a clear crown glass with superb light transmission. The quality of the natural blank B 270® surfaces is only moderate according to optical standards. However, with an additional polishing process, we can produce demanding optical windows, optical flats, and even laser optics from B 270®. More ...


Windows made of selected float glass

Our cost-effective, selected float glass features superior optical quality and flatness, much better than that of traditional soda-lime glass. It has high transmissivity for visible light and is ideal for applications with increased requirements, such as substrates for optical mirrors, filters or anti-reflection coatings, while keeping the cost under control. It is ideally suited for commercial-grade window applications and is available in various thicknesses from 0,4–4 mm. More ...



Thin- and Ultra-Thin Optical Windows:


Windows made of D 263 T

D 263 T is a perfect choice for thin and ultrathin optics and is available in various standard thicknesses. D 263 T offers remarkable flatness* and low warp. We manufacture rectangular windows from D 263 T beginning at a thickness of only 50 µm. Round and free window shapes are possible with D 263 T, starting at 0,1 mm and ending at 1,1 mm thickness. More ...


Window made of CORNING® EAGLE XG®

The alkali-free EAGLE XG® is a base glass for many modern LCD or OLED displays. It is suitable for the manufacturing of wafer-level optics and offers very low micro-roughness, excellent surface quality, and flatness. It is also a perfect material for coated optical filters. More ...


Windows made of 1737F

1737F is an alkali-free boro-aluminum silicate material with a low micro-roughness suitable for COG (chip-on-glass) processes. It features exceptional flatness* and surface quality. We often use 1737F to fabricate flat, thin optical windows with increased requirements regarding microroughness, smoothness, and flatness at small thicknesses. More ...


Windows made of EAGLE2000

EAGLE2000 is a lightweight and alkali-free material. It surpasses display quality and can work in even more demanding thin optical window applications. Furthermore, EAGLE2000 is color neutral and can withstand elevated temperatures. More ...


Windows made of MEMpax®

MEMpax® is a precision borosilicate thin glass with almost the same thermal expansion as BOROFLOAT®. It has superior surfaces and planarity* than most mechanical polishing processes can achieve at such small thicknesses. It features high transmission from the UV to the infrared range and extraordinarily tight thickness tolerances. We fabricate ultrathin window optics from MEMpax®. More ...


Windows made of AF 32® eco

The new alkali-free thin glass AF 32® eco is frequently used for sensor covers for micro-optics and is perfect for many optoelectronic applications. It can withstand temperatures up to 600 °C, has consistent optical transmission, and has outstanding surface quality. More


Windows made of AS 87 eco

The ultrathin aluminosilicate glass AS 87 eco offers high transmittance already at the upper UVC wavelengths. It provides excellent optical quality and micro-roughness. AS 87 eco is flexible within certain limits and suitable for producing ultrathin windows for optoelectronics. More ...


*Note: The flatness of thin and ultrathin glass parts is limited for physical reasons. Please consider that the planarity of thin glass depends directly on the thickness since, with small thicknesses, the inherent mass already influences the flatness. Consequently, the flatness achieved with window optics based on thicker materials cannot be reached. However, those thin materials mentioned above are usually the best choice for the highest planarity at low thicknesses and typically cannot be outperformed by mechanical polishing processes.



Coated Windows:


ITO-coated optical windows

Our ITO-coated windows have a thin, optically transparent, electrically conductive indium-tin-oxide coating on one or both surfaces. We continuously produce many surface resistivities based on different exotic glass types, which are always available. More ...


Multilayer broadband-anti-reflection coated windows

Anti-reflection coatings prevent reflections from glass surfaces. They eliminate ghost images and phantom laser beams from an image path, reduce optical attenuation, and increase a window's light transmission. More ...


Anti-reflective-coated windows with additional oil-repellent coating

Our ARC-O series enables the production of oleophobic anti-reflective windows that repel fingerprints, liquids, and dirt. Such AR-coated materials are much easier to clean. More ...



Custom Optical Windows:

We manufacture flat and plane window optics on request in almost any custom size and shape. We can polish each window to a particular flatness or other optical specifications required for your application. The production of custom coatings, such as an anti-reflection coating for a specific wavelength or laser applications, is also part of our capabilities.


Are none of the optical windows listed here suitable for your application?

If you are searching for flat optical windows not listed here, please use our inquiry form or send your requirements by e-mail. We fabricate custom precision optics from other materials not listed in this overview.


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