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Our production and glass processing capabilities

Following, you will find a summary of the most established of our industrial glass processing techniques and our coating capabilities. These are only examples and a small fragment of our options. We are not limited to the processing techniques mentioned here. Please send us your request if you have further questions.

CNC-Precision Glass Cutting

Precision glass scribing

• Economical cutting process
• Precision of up to +/-30 µm
• Clean cut edge without bevel

Glass Edging
(Grinding to diameter)

Glass Edging, Grinding to diameter

• Manufacturing of round or elliptical shapes
• Tight mechanical tolerances
• Effective and economical
• Ground edges

Lapping & Polishing

Lapping & polishing

• Manufacturing of optically flat surfaces
• Polishing of color glass filters
• Production of glass wafers
• Manufacturing of optical windows
• Manufacturing of optical substrates
• Polishing of Prisms

Glass Grinding

Blanchard grinding of Glass

• Tight dimension tolerances
• High rectangularity
• Preprocessing of flat surfaces
• Ground surfaces
• Clean and precise edges

Precision Beveling

Precision glass bevelling

• Functional or protective bevels
• Clean appearance of beveled parts
• Safer handling (no sharp glass edges)

Optical Thin Film Coating

Thin film coating services

• Standard coatings
• Dielectric thin film coatings
• Metallic layers
• Transmissive coatings
• Reflection coatings
• Filter coatings
• Custom coatings


CNC shaping of glass or ceramics

• Manufacturing of complex shapes
• Tight mechanical tolerances
• High repetitive precision

Sandblasting &
Precision Drilling

Fasen von Glas

• Full and partial glass matting
• Manufacturing of diffusers
• Sandblasting of glass surfaces
• Precision glass drilling
• Ultrasonic glass drilling

Other Glass
Processing Capabilities

Precision optics and precision glass

• Water-jet cutting
• Precision Milling
• Precision sawing
• Thermal tempering
• Chemical tempering
• Optical cementing