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Thin Glass, Microsheets, and Display Glass

Thin and ultra-thin glass materials for special technical applications

Here you can find an overview of our thin, ultra-thin, and microsheet glass products. These specialty flat glass materials exist in various thickness ranges. Some ultra-thin glass types are available down to a minimum thickness of 30 μm. Below, please find links to our datasheets related to these specialty glass materials:


Home page of thin glass. The picture shows a flexible ultra-thin glass.


D263 T, thin and ultra-thin glass

The specialty thin glass 263 T consists of the purest raw materials. It is very flat and offers excellent optical properties and good chemical resistance. This glass material is available in ultra-thin thicknesses down to 30 µm. The superior quality of D 263 T allows its use as a display glass.

Thickness range: 0.03 - 1.10 mm (0.0012 - 0.043") More ...


AF 32® eco, alkali-free glass

AF 32® eco is an ultra-thin aluminum-borosilicate glass from SCHOTT that contains zero alkalies in synthesis. The material has a very similar coefficient of expansion to that of silicon. This glass is ideal for manufacturing micro-optics, optoelectronics, and ultra-thin glass wafers.

Thickness range: 0.10 - 0.50 mm (0.004 - 0.043") More ...


AS 87 eco

The ultra-thin alumosilicate glass AS 87 eco from SCHOTT offers increased transmissivity in the UVB range. It features low microroughness and a small total thickness variation (TTV). The ultra-thin thicknesses are flexible and can be bent to a certain extent.

Thickness range: 0.05 - 0.35 mm (0.002 - 0.0138") More ...



MEMpax® borosilicate thin glass from SCHOTT has the extraordinary technical properties of borosilicate flat glass. However, it offers tighter thickness tolerances than those that can usually be obtained by a mechanical polishing process. It is an ideal glass for anodic bonding.

Thickness range: 0.20 - 0.50 mm (0.008 - 0.0197") More ...



The alkali-free thin glass from SCHOTT has a low thermal resistance, a low expansion coefficient, and a high light transmission. SCHOTT discontinued AF 45 ultra-thin glass many years ago. However, the 0,70 mm thickness is still available from us.

Glass thickness: 0.70 mm (0.0276") More ...



EAGLE XG® is an alkali-free thin glass. Due to its excellent technical properties, it is suitable for producing wafer-level optics and for numerous applications in the semiconductor industry. More ...


1737F near-zero-alkali glass

1737F is a zero-alkali aluminum-silicate display glass for increased temperatures and temperature fluctuations. The quality glass from CORNING in America suits COG (chip-on-glass) processes in electronics and is perfect for the fabrication of micro-optics. Also, it is an ideal substrate for optical filter coatings.

Glass thicknesses: 0.70 and 1.10 mm (0.0276" and 0.043") More ...


EAGLE2000 lightweight, near-zero-alkali glass

EAGLE2000 is a lightweight, alkali-free, alkaline earth boro-aluminosilicate glass. The thin glass molten by CORNING in America offers exceptional flatness, low warp, and high surface quality. It is an ideal choice for fabricating optics, micro-optics, and applications in display technology.

Glass thicknesses: 0.70 and 1.10 mm (0.0276" and 0.043") More ...


Selected white float glass

Our selected float glass is an inexpensive flat and universal thin sheet glass with exquisite surface quality, a reduced iron content, and exceptional optical properties made by advanced drawing technology. The material is a good choice for filter or mirror substrates and as a base glass for anti-reflective-coated glass.

Thickness range: 0.40 - 4.00 mm (0.0157 - 0.157") More ...



0211 is an alkali-reduced ultra-thin soda-lime sheet glass from CORNING America, made by a fire-polishing process. CORNING discontinued the production of 0211 a long time ago. Some remaining stocks are still available.

Glass thickness: 0.30 mm (0.012") More ...



AF37 is an alkali- and arsenic-free aluminum silicate display glass with excellent flatness, heat resistance, and chemical resistivity. SCHOTT discontinued this glass shortly after its introduction.

Glass thickness: 0.70 mm (0.0276") More ...


Most of the above-listed thin and ultra-thin glasses have a high surface quality suitable for display applications without additional polishing processes. The vast majority of these materials offer a better flatness than what is achieved with a mechanical polishing process at such small thicknesses. An exceptional flatness, smooth surface, and low micro-roughness make them ideal for glass applications in electronics and semiconductor technology, such as glass wafers. Moreover, substrates for optical coatings like dielectric mirrors, filters, or anti-reflection coatings are often based on these glass materials. If you need help determining which thin glass suits your application, please consider using our information request form. Thin glass is our daily business, and we are happy to help you select the suitable material for your application design.


Does none of the listed micro-sheets, ultra-thin, or display glasses match your application's requirements?

If you cannot find the thin or ultra-thin glass you are looking for or the desired glass thickness here, please use our inquiry form to send us an inquiry. Our company also has other thin, ultra-thin, and specialty glass from SCHOTT, CORNING, and many other well-known manufacturers in its extensive product range, which may not be listed here.


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