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Thin Glass, Microsheets & Display Glass

Thin and ultra thin glass materials for special technical applications

Here you can find an overview of our thin glasses. The thin-glass and microsheet materials are available in various thickness ranges. Some of the ultrathin glasses are available down to a thickness of 30 μm. Below you will find the links to our material data sheets of these special glasses:


Home page of thin glass. The picture shows a flexible ultra thin glass.


D263 T

D 263 T is a thin and ultra thin glass produced of the purest raw materials with high chemical resistance and good optical properties.

Thickness range 0,03 - 1,10 mm (0,0012 - 0,043") more...


AF 32® eco alkali-free-glass

AF 32® eco is a new, ultra-thin aluminum-borosilicate glass that is alkali free in synthesis. It has a very similar coefficient of expansion as silicon. It is used for the production of micro-optics, optoelectronics and glass wafers.

Thickness range 0,10 - 0,50 mm (0,004 - 0,043") more...


AS 87 eco

The new alumosilicate glass AS 87 eco is an ultra-thin SCHOTT glass that offers high permeability in the UVB range. more...

Thickness range 0,05 - 0,35 mm (0,002 - 0,0138")



MEMpax® borosilicate thin glass from SCHOTT has the extraordinary technical properties of borosilicate glass as well as very small thickness tolerances.

Thickness range 0,20 - 0,50 mm (0,008 - 0,0197") more...



The alkali-free thin glass from SCHOTT has a low thermal resistance, low coefficient of expansion and high light transmission. The production of AF 45 glass was discontinued in the meantime. Only the 0,70 mm thickness is still available.

Glass thickness 0,70 mm (0,0276") more...


1737F low alkali glass

1737F is an alkali-free aluminum silicate glass for higher temperatures and temperature fluctuations. The high-quality glass from CORNING in America is suitable for COG (chip-on-glass) electronics applications.

Glass thicknesses 0,70 mm and 1,10 mm (0,0276" and 0,043") more...


EAGLE2000 lightweight low alkali glass

EAGLE2000 is a light-weight, alkali-free alkaline earth boro-aluminum silicate glass. The glass has good flatness, low warp and high surface quality.

Glass thicknesses 0,70 mm and 1,10 mm (0,0276" and 0,043") more...


Selected white float glass

Our selected float glass is an inexpensive, flat, universal thin sheet glass with very good surface quality, reduced iron content and good optical properties.

Thickness range 0,40 - 4,00 mm (0,0157 - 0,157") more...



0211 is an alkali-reduced and fire-polished, ultra-thin soda-lime sheet glass from CORNING. The production was discontinued a few years ago. Only remaining stocks are available.

Glass thickness 0,30 mm (0,012") more...



AF37 is an alkali- and arsenic free aluminum silicate display glass with good flatness, heat resistance and good chemical resistance. The production of this SCHOTT glass was discontinued shortly after it was introduced. We still have small remaining stocks.

Glass thickness 0,70 mm (0,0276") more...


Most of the above listed thin glasses have a surface quality that is suitable for display applications without further optical processing. They have an excellent flatness, a very smooth surface and a very low micro-roughness, which makes them ideal for glass applications in electronics and semiconductor technology as well as for displays. If you are not sure which thin glass is right for your application, please contact us. We are happy to help you to choose the right material for your application.


None of the listed thin glasses, microsheets or display glasses match your application?

If you can not find the thin glass you are looking for or a desired glass thickness here, please use our inquiry form to contact us or send us an inquiry by e-mail, Fax or give us a call. Our company also has other thin-glass, thin-glass and special glasses from SCHOTT, CORNING and many other well-known manufacturers in the extensive product range, which may not have been listed here.