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SCHOTT-Filter Calculator

Online transmission calculator for SCHOTT optical color glass filters


Our online SCHOTT-filter calculator allows you to individually calculate and analyze the transmission curves of nearly all SCHOTT color glass filter materials which makes it easy to find out the best optical color glass filter for your application. This useful tool is provided to you for free.


Calculation Parameters

Select filter type:

Enter filter thickness:

mm ?Please enter the desired filter thickness here. Please consider, that it is not recommended to choose filter thicknesses below 1mm, because the compliance with the transmission specifications of the material at lower thicknesses isn't safe anymore.                                                 

Transmission curve output:

Spectral transmittance ?Choose this option to see the transmission under real world conditions: This option includes surface reflection losses based on a single filter used in air.                                                        
(Surface reflection-losses included)
Internal transmittance ?Choose this option to see the internal transmission of the filter. This option does NOT consider the surface reflection losses which under normal conditions occur. The internal transmission is important to know for the design of cemented filter combinations.                                                        
(Internal transmittance, surface reflection-losses NOT included)
Best scale factor for transmission axis (Y-axis zoom) ?This option allows the automatic best scaling depending on the max. transmission within the measuring range. If for example a max. transmission of 10% is reached within the measuring range, the Y-axis which is the transmittance will be scaled to a value range of 0-10% to allow a more exact analysis of the transmission in wavelength ranges with lower transmissions.                                                       

Definition of the displayed wavelength range:

200-1100 nm
400-700 nm
complete available optical spectrum
at - nm (enter only whole nanometers)

With a click on the button "Calculate transmission curve"
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Terms & Conditions for the use of our SCHOTT-filter calculator:

We don't take over any guarantee or liability for any technical data, specifications or result. In no case, we take over guarantee or liability for the correctness of the generated curves, data, or information or any damage which might result by the use of this calculator program. The use of this optical glass filter calculator takes place entirely and solely in any implication at your own risk. All raw filter data used for this calculation program were supplied to us by the SCHOTT AG with kind permission to be used in our online-calculator.

This calculator program is protected by national and international copyright laws and might not be copied or commercially exploited without our written permission. You might use the calculated curves for your purposes, but the curves must remain unmodified respectively the origin of the curve must be identifiable by a direct link to our online calculator. All measurement data used for the calculation of the filter curves are the property of the SCHOTT AG. The utilization of the data in this filter curve calculation program takes place with friendly permission of the SCHOTT AG. We reserve the right to change any technical and non-technical data without notice.


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