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Dielectric Mirrors

High-reflection front surface mirrors
SHR Series

Special Properties

  • Very high broadband visible reflection
  • Designed for an incidence angle of 45°
  • Low absorption
  • Metal-free broadband dielectric coating
  • High temperature resistance
  • Minimal losses
  • Excellent infrared transmission

Typical Applications

  • Mirrors in optical systems
  • Redirection mirrors
  • Beam separating and combining optics for lighting systems and laser applications
  • Injector mirrors
  • IR filters for lighting systems
  • Broadband mirrors
  • Mirrors for use in strong magnetic fields
  • Dichroic mirrors (VIS/NIR+IR beam splitters)

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Mirrors for maximum reflectivity

Dielectric mirrors, also known as interference coatings or thin-film mirrors, are vital components used in a wide range of optical systems. These mirrors are designed to reflect specific wavelengths of light while allowing others to pass through the reflective surface. This characteristic makes them indispensable in numerous optics applications, such as lasers, microscopes, telescopes, spectrometers, and more. The principle behind the functionality of dielectric mirrors lies in the interference of light waves. Unlike conventional mirrors that rely on metallic coatings, dielectric mirrors consist of multiple layers of dielectric materials. Constructed through a process known as physical vapor deposition, the materials used are selected based on their differing refractive indexes to create a combination that can selectively reflect and transmit specific wavelengths.

Our SHR dielectric mirrors are known for their high reflectivity, significantly exceeding that of metal-coated mirrors. We achieve this high reflection by using a multi-layer coating system consisting of multiple thin layers of non-metallic materials with different refractive indices coated one upon the other. Since all-dielectric mirrors show angle-dependent reflectivity and limited optical bandwidth, such coatings are usually optimized for a single wavelength or a narrowband region. Moreover, dielectric mirror optics are often designed for only one or a small range of incident angles. They provide far higher efficiency for the optimized wavelengths than metal mirror coatings, which, on the other hand, typically offer a wider reflection bandwidth than dielectric mirrors. To combine the advantages of high efficiency and broadband reflectivity in one mirror, we developed our SHR-Series, which features a bandwidth wide enough to reflect the entire visible spectrum at an incidence angle of 45°. We also ensured that the SHR mirrors feature high transmission for infrared wavelengths up to 2500 nm. Hence, the SHR can operate as an IR filter or dichroic beamsplitter to separate visible wavelengths from the infrared or as a beam-combining optic for multiple lasers with different VIS and IR wavelengths. Furthermore, the reflection of laser beams with increased power levels is possible since the dielectric layers' absorption is negligible in the nominal operating wavelength spectrum. Contact our engineers for information about which lasers, laser beam power, and laser lines you can reflect with our dielectric SHR mirrors. Please provide the application's details, like wavelength, laser beam diameter, required damage threshold, laser power, and other relevant information. A customized mirror design for polarized light, for which our dielectric SHR-mirror coating is unspecified, is also possible with sufficient production quantities. Another highlight of our SHR mirror is its excellent thermal stability. The mirror can operate up to 360 °C thanks to temperature-resistant, high-quality borosilicate glass substrates if the heating process is uniform and potential temperature gradients across the mirror surfaces do not exceed the permissible physical limits.


Customized dielectric mirrors

We offer customized dielectric mirror designs in serial production quantities according to your detailed requirements. Laser mirrors, increased optical flatness, or ultra-high efficiency for a particular laser wavelength are possible. Moreover, polarization-optimized coatings are feasible in higher quantities, too. Such properties are often critical for laser mirrors and are undefined for the standard dielectric SHR mirror series. Please send us your detailed coating inquiry if any of these options are relevant to your application.

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Reflection spectrum of our dielectric
SHR mirrors

SHR dielectric mirrors, reflection curve
Enlarge the curve to view details

Standard Thicknesses

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Thickness (mm)


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1,10 ±0,10
1,75 ±0,20
3,30 ±0,20
Other thicknesses are possible on request.
The thicknesses marked with "" are also available within 48–hour express service.

Reflectance for unpolarized light at 45°

  • Ravg > 99 % at a wavelength 425 – 680 nm at 45°
  • Ravg > 97 % at a wavelength 400 – 690 nm at 45°
  • Other wavelength ranges and incident angles per inquiry
  • Customized mirror designs for polarized laser redirection applications are also feasible on demand.



Surface Quality

  • typically better than 80-50 scratch & dig
  • Increased quality is possible if required.

Mirror Coating

  • All-dielectric
  • Metal-free
  • Low absorption
  • Broadband thin-film layer-system

Other Properties

  • Adherence to MIL-C-675 C (tape test)
  • Abrasion-resistant to MIL-M-13508 C
  • The damage threshold is unspecified for the SHR series. More details are available on request.


  • SHR dielectric, highly reflective broadband mirror

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