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Protected aluminum UV-front surface mirrors

Special Properties

  • High ultraviolet reflectance
  • Broadband reflection wavelength range from
    about 250 nm - 10 µm
  • Very good optical characteristics
  • Aluminum based coating
  • Based on a high quality glass substrate
  • Aluminum layer is protected by a thin quartz layer

Typical Applications

  • Deflection mirrors for ultraviolet light sources
  • Ultraviolet mirror optics
  • Mirrors for medical applications
  • Mirror optics for UV-curing
  • UV-VIS-IR-broadband mirrors
  • Optics for sensor technology
  • Broadband laser mirrors
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The coatings of our SEA-UV protected aluminum broadband front surface mirrors consist of a metallic aluminum layer and a very thin, protective SiO2 (quartz) overcoating. This protective quartz layer has two functions. Unprotected bare aluminum metal coatings oxidize quickly when exposed to oxygen. Also, they are very sensitive to scratching. The protective quartz layer prevents oxidization and makes the mirrors more scratch resistant. Compared to soft and sensitive unprotected bare-aluminum metal coatings, our protected aluminum coatings are harder, more durable and more resistant to scratches. However, they still are more sensitive to scratching than our SEA-VIS enhanced aluminum mirrors for example, which can have a significantly thicker protective layer. A metal coated mirror that should reflect UV-wavelengths, only can have a very thin protective quartz overcoating. If this protective layer would be thicker, it would absorb most of the UV-light. This is the limiting factor for the scratch resistance of protected aluminum mirrors. They therefore should not be used in harsh environments. Due to the great UV-transmittance and low absorption of the very thin SiO2 layer within the UV-wavelength range, the desired high ultraviolet reflection of the metallic aluminium coating to a great extend is retained.

The reflection of aluminium mirror coatings is far less angle-dependent than that of dielectric coatings. Also they feature a high and broadband optical reflection from the ultraviolet to the infrared light range. Only close to the range around 700-870 nm there is a small reflection drop down to slightly below 80 %. Above this range, the reflection stays continuously high up to 10 µm. Therefore, the SEA-UV mirrors can be used as multiple-wavelength laser mirrors for very different wavelengths at the same time. For example they can reflect an invisible ultraviolet laser beam while reflecting a visible or infrared laser beam as well.

By adding additional thin dielectric coatings, the reflectivity of the metallic mirrors can be modified and increased for a special wavelength or particular optical reflection ranges. Please use our custom coating request form to conveniently request a quotation for mirror optics for your special requirements. Please contact us if you need additional information or technical support.


How to order ?

You might wonder, why we don't have standard sized mirrors and that we do not provide a shopping cart? As a manufacturing company, we are not limited to a few fix sized optics like most trading companies are. We are specialized in quick fabrication of custom sized mirrors to supply the best possible support to our customers. Hence, our delivery time even for optics with custom dimensions at large quantities based on any of our coatings made regularly is usually less than a week. This is quicker than most re-sellers can be with their fixed size stock mirrors and it often is of great advantage that the size of the optics perfectly fits into your application. So no shopping cart is necessary at all.


To quickly receive a quote for our SEA-UV protected aluminium front surface mirrors, with custom dimensions, please click the button below:

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In case you need mirror optics solely for the visible wavelength range, please take a look at our SEA-VIS "enhanced aluminum" front surface mirror, which is optimized for higher VIS reflection. For near infrared wavelengths, we make the SEA-NIR mirrors which are enhanced and optimized for NIR-reflectivity.



SEA-UV protected aluminum mirror reflectance curve

Principle reflection curve of our SEA-UV
protected aluminum mirror (click on curve to enlarge)


Product Code

  • SEA-UV protected aluminum front surface mirror

Substrate Material

Coating construction

  • Metallic mirror coating
  • Aluminum + SiO2 (Quartz)

Optical Reflection

  • Ravg > 85 % at 280 - 700 nm at 45°
  • Rabs >/= 90 % at 300 - 400 nm


Surface Quality

  • typ. 80-50 scratch & dig (MIL-0-13830A)
  • Other on request

Standard Thicknesses

Other Specifications

  • Adherence according to MIL-C-675 C (tape test)
  • Abrasion resistant according to MIL-M-13508 C


All given details and specifications are mean reference values and are not guaranteed. In addition, please consider our "Notes on technical specifications"