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Optical Glass, Block, Drawn & Rolled Glass

Block glass


N-BK7 Optical Glass

N-BK7 is an optical bor-crown glass with a high optical transmission and a very pure and clear appearance. It is a very high quality standard material used for any kind of optics. The raw material is in stock in the form of unprocessed glass blocks and must be processed with glass processing techniques. more...


Synthetic Quartz Glass, UV-Grade Fused Silica

Synthetic optical quartz glass has very good UV transmission down to about 180  nm and has a very low coefficient of expansion. It is temperature-resistant up to 1000 °C and exceptionally chemically resistant. more...


ULE® Zero Expansion Titania Silicate Glass

ULE® is a transparent glass with an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion, used for high-tech applications in space technology. From ULE®, for example, length standards, laser resonators, or components for space technology can be produced more...


PYREX® (Code 7740) Borosilicate Glass

PYREX® 7740 is a borosilicate glass composition with good temperature stability and excellent acid resistance. It has a relatively low coefficient of thermal expansion and a good energy transmission from the ultraviolet to the infrared range. more...


VYCOR® (Code 7913)

VYOR 7913 is a quartz glass substitution material with a 96% SiO2 content made by CORNING, USA. It has similar properties as natural quartz glass, quite a good transmission in the ultraviolet up to the IR, and a high chemical resistance. more...


The above-mentioned glasses have to be processed optically before they can be used as optics. They are ground, polished, and shaped to customer's specifications and can then be coated if required. We make optical windows, optical substrates, or virtually any other optical component from these glass materials. Please follow the above links to the data sheets of the respective optical glass.


Is the block, drawn or rolled glass you are looking for not listed above?

If you can't find the optical glass, block-, drawn-, rolled-, or bar-glass you need here, please send us an inquiry. We stock and process almost all optical glasses from SCHOTT, CORNING, OHARA, and many other well-known glass manufacturers.