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Anti-reflection coatings

Special Properties

  • High light transmission for visible wavelengths
  • Suppression of double reflections, ghost images and phantom laser beams
  • Low residual reflection
  • Broadband-multi-layer thin-film coating design
  • Small light absorption
  • High abrasion resistance and adhesive strength

Typical Applications

  • Anti-reflection-coating for optics
  • Sensor windows
  • Laser windows
  • Optical measuring devices
  • Automotive cockpit windows
  • Window for camera housings
  • Robotics applications
  • Reflex free sight glasses
  • AR-coating for lenses and lens assemblies
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Our ARC anti-reflection coatings offer high optical light transmission and a very good anti-reflection effect in the visible wavelength range. While uncoated glass reflects about 8,5 % of the light, our anti-reflection coating can reduce such reflections in parts of the visible spectral range to less than 0,2 % per glass surface. Compared to conventional single-layer anti-reflection coatings with a typical residual reflection of 1-2 %, this is a noticeable improvement that can be seen with the naked eye. Unwanted secondary reflections, which can overlay transmitted images and make them appear blurred, are effectively suppressed by our anti-reflective coatings. This results in a sharper and brighter transmitted image, that provides much better contrast and quality.

The ARC-anti-reflection-coatings are applied to selected float glass substrates with high grade surface quality. The ARC-B-series is based on BOROFLOATĀ® substrates. The refractive index of the anti-reflection coating is matched to the respective glass-air transition. Both ARC coating series are always available from stock, as we produce them regularly. However, we are not limited to the anti-reflection coatings described above and they can be applied to many types of optics. Hence, a coating of glass lenses is also possible on a batch basis. For example, it is also possible to coat glass lenses batchwise. Customized adaptations for other wavelength ranges or a different refractive index are available on request.


How do I get an offer and are there standard dimensions?

We are independent of standard dimensions because our company specializes in the fast production and delivery of individual dimensions. We manufacture and deliver as fast as standard dimensions can usually be delivered. To make an enquiry for one of our ARC standard anti-reflective coatings on glass with individual dimensions, please click on the following button:


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View rest reflection of the ARC anti-reflection coating for visble light

Reflection curve of our ARC coating compared to uncoated glass


Substrate Materials

Coating Construction

  • ARC and ARC-B coatings: Double side multi-layer coating
  • ARC-1S coating : Single side multi-layer coating
  • Refractive index of the coatings matched to glass-air transition

Spectral Characteristics

  • Rabs </= 0,6 % per single surface at wavelength range 450-650 nm (i=0°), unpolarized light
  • Ravg < 0,3 % per single surface at wavelength range
    430-660nm (i=0-15°), unpolarized light
  • Coating for other wavelengths per inquiry


Surface Quality

  • better than 80-50 scratch & dig (MIL-0-13830A)
    (typically better than 60-40)
  • Higher surface quality on request

Standard Thicknesses

(click on a desired thickness to open a quote request form)

Other Specifications

  • Adhesion according to MIL-C-675 C
  • Abrasion resistance according to MIL-M-13508 C


All given details and specifications are mean reference values and are not guaranteed. In addition, please consider our "Notes on specifications"