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CORNING 7059 / 7059F

Low alkali barium-borosilicate glass

Typical Applications

  • Low-alkali thin-film glass substrate for electronic components
  • Substrate glass for optical coatings
  • LCD-technology
  • Optical windows
  • Sensor covers
  • Micro-optics

Related glass types

  • 1737F (Boro-aluminosilicate glass)
  • EAGLE2000 (Boro-aluminosilicate glass)
  • AF 32® eco (Alkali-free alumina-borosilicate thin glass)
  • AF 45 (Modified borosilicate display glass)

The barium-borosilicate glass 7059 is an almost alkali-free sheet glass from CORNING® that features an excellent thermal shock resistance. Due to its unique electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties, the glass material has long been a standard for thin-film circuits in the electronics industry.

7059 material is made by a slot-draw process. 7059F glass, on the other hand, is fusion-drawn into glass sheets to final thickness, obtaining a flat, smooth surface finish directly from the molten glass. 7059 does not achieve the planarity of the 7059F glass. However, the flatness is sufficient for many applications. Both 7059 glass materials have a low alkali content below 0,3 %, which is an essential requirement for many electronic applications because free alkali ions in glass affect the performance, reliability, and longevity of LCD thin-film components. For further technical information about 7059 glass, please use our information request form.


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Note: The production of 7059 and 7059F glass materials was terminated by CORNING® a long time ago. We, however, still stock some remaining 7059 (non-F) glass at 0,7 mm thickness. The direct follow-up glass is CORNING's 1737F. Also, we keep several other alkali-free materials with similar capabilities in stock. They work as a high-quality replacement in many cases. If you search for alternative glasses, please browse through our website or use the search function above. If you need further help in engineering design, please do not hesitate to contact us.



 Transmission curve of 7059 glass

Standard Thicknesses (non-F material)

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Thickness (mm)


48h-Express Service
0,4 ±0,127 -
0,5* ±0,127 -
0,7 ±0,127
0,8* ±0,127 -
1,1* ±0,127 -
1,2* ±0,127 -
The thicknesses marked with "" are also available within 48–h Express Service.

Optical Properties

  • Refractive Index: nD = 1,5333 (589,3 nm)

Mechanical Properties

  • Density: 2,76 g/cm3 (20 °C)
  • Young's Modulus: 6,89 × 103 kg/mm2

Thermal Properties

  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion:
    • 46,0 × 10-7/ °C (0–300 °C)
    • 50,1 × 10-7/ °C (25–598 °C)
  • Viscosity:
    • Softening Point 844 °C
    • Annealing Point 639 °C
    • Strain Point 593 °C

Electrical Properties

  • Dielectric Constant 5,84 (20 °C / 1 MHz)
  • Dielectric Loss Factor 0,1% (20 °C / 1 MHz)
All given details and specifications are mean reference values and are not guaranteed. Also, please consider our "Notes on technical specifications".

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