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7059 / 7059F

Low alkali barium-borosilicate glass

Typical Applications

  • Low-alkali thin film glass substrate for electronics
  • Substrate for optical coatings
  • LCD Technology
  • Optical Windows
  • Sensor Technology

7059 barium-borosilicate glass is an almost alkali-free flat glass from Corning that features a good thermal shock resistance. It has long been a standard of the electronics industry for thin-film circuits, which require special electrical mechanical and thermal properties. 7059F glass is fusion drawn into sheets to final thickness, obtaining a flat, smooth surface finish directly from the molten glass. 7059 however, is slot drawn and is not as flat as the 7059F, which is fusion drawn. Both 7059 glass materials have a low level of alkali which is less than 0,3 %. This is important for many electronic applications, because alkali ions are known to lower the performance, reliability and longevity of thin-film devices. For further technical information, please use our information request form.


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Note: The production of 7059 and 7059F has been discontinued a long time ago. We still stock some remaining 7059 (non-F) material at 0,7mm thickness though. The direct follow-up glass materials are 1737F from Corning.



Transmission curve of 7059 glass


Refractive Index

  • nD = 1,5333 (589,3 nm)


  • 2,76 g/cm3 (20 °C)

Young's Modulus

  • 6,89 x 103 kg/mm2

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

  • 46,0 x 10-7/ °C (0-300 °C)
  • 50,1 x 10-7/ °C (25-598 °C)


  • Softening Point 844 °C
  • Annealing Point 639 °C
  • Strain Point 593 °C

Electrical Properties

  • Dielectric Constant 5,84 (20 °C / 1 MHz)
  • Dielectric Loss Factor 0,1% (20 °C / 1 MHz)

Standard Thicknesses (non-F material)

Thicknesses Tolerance Thicknesses Tolerance
0,4 mm* ±0,127 0,5 mm* ±0,127
0,7 mm ±0,127 0,8 mm* ±0,127
1,1 mm* ±0,127 1,2 mm* ±0,127
The thicknesses marked with a "*" are not available anymore.


All given details and specifications are mean reference values and are not guaranteed. In addition, please consider our "Notes on technical specifications"