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July 17, 2017

Quartz glass microscope slides at standard dimensions with high optical UV-transmission

From now on you will be able to order almost any time available microscope slides with various standard dimensions made of quartz glass with high UV permeability from us, which allows many microscopy applications to be carried out in research and science right down to the DUV range. More...


Apr. 10, 2017

Glass wafers made of specialty glass materials now also available within 48h–Express Service

The manufacturing and delivery of glass wafers made of various specialty glass materials are now possible based on a CNC-precision-glass-cut edge configuration within our 48h-Express Optics Service. For most materials you are free to define the diameter of the wafers up to 300 mm or 12", and you can determine whether the wafers should be just round or whether they should have a SEMI-standard-flat. Available are several different alkali-free glass materials as well as borosilicate glass, BK7, UV-grade quartz glass, and several more economically priced glass options. More...


Feb. 20, 2017

New Thin Glass Processing Capabilities within our 48h-Express Service

We have developed a new method to process thin glass at 50 µm thickness. This process allows more efficient processing of such extremely thin and fragile glass parts. Up to now, we limited the possible dimensions of elements at only 50 microns glass thickness to fixed sizes because the production yield of custom dimensions was extremely low. By a newly developed CNC-machine, we can now make nearly any square or rectangle custom dimension at 50µm glass thickness and high precision even within our 48h-Service. Beginning with our new ultra-thin glass product AS 87 eco at 50 µm thickness the service is available from today.


Feb. 17, 2017

NEW! Alkali-free thin glass AF 32® eco: A thin-glass matching to the CTE of silicon!

AF 32® eco is alkali-free in synthesis and has a CTE of 3,2 x 10-6 which is close to the one of silicon. The glass is, therefore, suitable for semiconductor applications. It is available at 0,1 mm - 0,5 mm thickness and offers a high surface quality, flatness, and optical transmission as well as a low micro roughness. More...


Feb. 01, 2017

NEW! A new specialty glass material available from now: Ultrathin glass AS 87 eco

A new specialty glass has joined our extensive delivery program. AS 87 eco is an ultrathin glass with increased UV-transmission that can be chemically tempered and then offers an extraordinary mechanical and bending strength. More...


Jun. 10, 2016

NEW! Express Manufacturing of Custom Optics within 48 hours

48h-Express Service logo


Our 48h-Express Service for the manufacturing of optics with custom dimensions within very short delivery times is now available for even more materials. Please find information, conditions, and a list of all materials that can take advantage of our 48-hour Express Service. More...


Feb. 15, 2016

Larger maximum dimensions for our beam splitters and enhanced aluminum mirrors

From today on significantly larger dimensions for our beamsplitters and our enhanced aluminum front surface mirrors are possible. The DST500 beamsplitters are now available up to approximately 800 mm x 600 mm. The SEA-VIS enhanced aluminum front surface mirrors are available up to a size of about 1250 mm x 800 mm.


Dec. 17, 2015

NEW! Our free SCHOTT-Filter Online Calculator

With immediate effect, our SCHOTT-filter calculator for the calculation of the transmission spectra of all available optical glass filters made of SCHOTT raw color glass filter material is online and at your disposal. Using this calculator you can compute individual filter transmission curves. You can choose to see the internal transmission or the external transmission while considering the surface reflection losses. More...


Jan. 06, 2015

Express service upgrade

Our Express Service now offers the manufacturing of round parts with a diameter tolerance down to +/-0,025mm at almost any thickness even at medium quantities. We will be pleased to receive your inquiry.



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