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Optical Substrates made of High-Quality Glass

Substrates made of various special glasses

Optical substrates are base glasses for optical coatings and precision optics for light and laser applications in science, research, and industry. Below, please find a list with links to our standard materials suitable for the production of substrates:


Optical glass substrate


Please select a glass substrate:

BK7 substrates

Quartz glass substrates and quartz microscope slides of Fused Silica

Selected float glass substrates

BOROFLOAT® substrates

MEMpax® substrates

B270 Superwite substrates

EAGLE XG® substrates

1737F substrates

EAGLE2000 substrates

7059 substrates

D 263T substrates

AF 32 eco substrates

AS87 eco substrates

Borosilicate glass substrates

Infrared blocking substrates

Partially transmitting substrates

ITO-coated substrates

Substrate made of ULE™ ultra-low expansion glass

Substrate made of ZERODUR®zero expansion glass-ceramic

Multilayer-broadband anti-reflection coated substrates

Substrates with an oil-repellent (oleophobic) anti-reflection coating

Wafer substrates made of specialty glass


In many applications, only one side of a substrate material must have high surface quality and flatness because a substrate is usually not used for transmission. However, our glass substrates can also be double-side polished (see "Optical Windows"). We can customize them for unique surface quality or flatness requirements. Furthermore, we can apply custom coatings in a custom coating run. We manufacture high-quality optical substrates and also optics with laser quality from nearly any suitable glass material available on the market.


Can't find the optical substrate you need for your optics application in the list above?

If you cannot find the optical substrate or material you are looking for in the list above, please consider using our RFQ form to send a request. We also manufacture optical substrates and optics from materials not listed above.


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