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Sheet Glass

High-quality flat glasses for technical applications

On this page, you will find information about our technical grade flat glass and microsheet materials. Technical sheet-glass is fabricated by using advanced float-glass processes, or it is drawn into glass sheets. It offers a high optical quality that is far beyond what ordinary glass can provide. These glasses are clear and transparent and feature high grade smooth and mostly fire-polished surfaces, which often give a better flatness, surface, and microroughness than a conventional mechanical polishing process could offer. All our sheet glass types are available at various standard thicknesses and with a low nominal glass thickness tolerance. If you are in search for even thinner transparent glass, please take a look on our thin glass web site. Please follow the links to each data-sheet to view the respective specifications and to display the typical optical transmission curves of each of the glass material listed below:


Sheet glass windows


Selected White Float Glass

Our selected float glass is a universal, high-quality, cost-effective flat glass with reduced iron content. It is a technical grade glass with excellent optical properties. We sort and select this glass for best cosmetic surfaces and flatness. The glass is available at 0,40 mm up to 3 mm thickness and as large sheets. More...


BOROFLOAT® Borosilicate Glass

BOROFLOAT® is a clear and highly transparent technical borosilicate glass material with very good optical transmittance, great thermal properties, plus a superb chemical resistance. It is highly transparent in the upper UV-wavelength range at the smaller thicknesses and can in some instances be used instead of much more expensive quartz glass. More...


B 270® - Superwite

The very clear crown glass B 270 is a drawn sheet plate glass material with a very high purity used for universal optical applications. It offers high and steady transmission in the visible and even reaches optical grade after mechanical polishing. More...


1737F Low Alkali Glass

1737F aluminosilicate glass has a virtually alkali-free glass composition. The special glass can withstand the rigorous thermal cycles of poly-silicate transistor processes. Hence, it is often used for semiconductor applications. It is the replacement- and successor material for the display sheet glass 7059F. More...


EAGLE2000 Lightweight Low Alkali Glass

EAGLE2000 is a lightweight alkaline earth boro-aluminosilicate glass which has a virtually alkali-free material composition. The sheet glass is often used for AMLCD and COG (chip on glass) applications. It features an outstanding surface quality, excellent flatness, and a low mechanical density. More...


7059 Barium-Borosilicate Glass

7059 is a baria-alumina-borosilicate sheet-glass that contains near zero alkalies. The glass composition offers unique electrical characteristics that are critical for applications in the semiconductor industry. More...


To use our high-grade sheet-glass for optical applications, in most instances these glass types often do not even require an additional expensive mechanical polishing process because most of them by nature offer an excellent optical surface quality and flatness. Almost any of these transparent glasses can be cut with CNC-machines very precisely which is resulting in considerable cost savings to the customer and therefore lower the cost of the single glass plate end-product. Nearly all of the listed flat glass types feature a very smooth surface, superior optical flatness, display grade performance, plus a very low micro roughness. The microroughness of these glasses is often better than what is achievable by a standard optical polishing process. Hence, the glass types in this category are the best choice for many demanding applications at large production series. They offer both, a superior glass grade while keeping the cost control required.


The technical sheet glass material you are looking for is not listed in this overview?

If you cannot find the flat-glass type you are looking for in the list above or if you need help in the selection of the appropriate material, please use our inquiry form, send us your inquiry by e-mail, or give us a call. We stock and process many more exotic technical flat-glasses that possibly might not be mentioned above. We do not offer acrylic or other plastic sheets. Those plastic and acrylic sheets often cannot provide the optical performance usually required for optical applications.


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