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Sight Glass Materials

Specialty Glass for Sight Glass Applications

Sight glasses are usually manufactured from glasses that do not have to offer optical quality. They must be clear view, in order to allow the visual control and monitoring of processes behind the sight glass. Such glasses can also be used for lighting applications. For example, temperature-resistant sight glasses are frequently used as front windows for powerful light sources. Sight glass does not have to have an optical quality. Flatness, parallelism and surface quality usually do not really matter. Hence, these materials are more economical than the same glass with optical quality. Below you will find an overview of our available materials that are suitable for sight glass applications:


Fused Quartz Glass (Sight Glass Grade)

Natural quartz glass (Fused Quartz) is used, whenever optical quality plays a subordinate role. For example, we manufacture sight glasses, front glasses for hot UV light sources etc. of natural quartz glass. For more demanding applications, our optical grade quartz glass (fused silica) is more suitable. more...




If you need glass with more sophisticated optical quality, please take a look at the product categories Sheet- & Flat Glass, Thin Glass and Optical Glass.