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Sight Glass Materials

Glasses for Sight Glass Applications

Sight glasses are usually made from glass types that don't need to offer optical quality. They usually only need to be clear to allow visual inspection and monitoring of processes and generally do not need to provide the quality required for optics. Flatness, parallelism, and surface quality are not relevant for a typical sight glass application. Hence, such materials are suitable, for example, for lighting applications, viewing ports, temperature-resistant sight glasses for high-power UV light sources, and similar applications. Sight glass grade materials are more economical than the equivalent glass type with optical grade quality. Below, please find an overview of our available products that are suitable for sight glass applications:


Natural Fused Quartz Glass (Sight-Glass Quality)

Natural quartz glass (fused quartz) is the right choice whenever optical quality, such as flatness, surface quality, or homogeneity, plays a subordinate role. For example, front glasses for UV light sources and high-temperature sight glass windows are often made of natural quartz glass. For more demanding applications, our optical quartz glass (fused silica) is a more suitable material option. More ...


Soda-Lime Glass with Sight Glass Quality

Our soda-lime glass with sight glass quality is perfect for sight glass applications that do not require high optical standards in terms of flatness, surface quality, or purity. Still, the glass looks clear and of high quality to the naked eye and under normal light conditions. More ...


RD 30® Radiation Shielding Glass

The RD 30® monolithic X-ray protection glass offers protection against weak gamma and X-ray radiation. The sight glass is used in medical technology and material testing applications to shield X-rays. More ...


RD 50® Radiation Shielding Glass

RD 50® has a significantly higher lead equivalent than RD 30® and offers more substantial radiation shielding. The heavy flint glass is available in a wide range of thicknesses, up to 21.5 mm. More ...


If you need a glass with more sophisticated optical quality, please look at the product categories Sheet Glass, Thin Glass, and Optical Glass.


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