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Optical Thin-Film Coatings

Our standard coatings

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Here you will find a summary of our standard optical thin-film coatings. The manufacturing of these thin-films takes place at regular intervals, to guarantee best availability of these coatings even for parts with custom dimensions. Please succeed to the links below to view the data-sheets of the respective standard optical thin-film coated products:


Transparent Optical Coatings


ITO-coated glasses CEC-Series

We produce a variety of electrically conductive and transparent indium tin oxide thin-film coatings, which are applied by a sputtering process to various high-quality substrates. Numerous exotic ITO-coated substrate materials, for example alkali-free glasses, thin glasses or quartz glasses are constantly fabricated and constantly available.


Broadband Anti-Reflection Coatings ARC-Series (VIS)

Our ARC coatings are efficient, optical, multi-layer antireflection thin-film coatings that drastically reduce reflections and suppress double images. They offer a significantly increased light transmission and lower energy loss than uncoated glasses. The coatings are based on selected high quality substrate material. They can also be coated on customer's optics.



Reflective Coatings


Enhanced Aluminium SEA-VIS Series (VIS)

The SEA-VIS mirrors have an aluminum metal thin-film coating with dielectric over-coatings, which are optimized for an increased reflectivity in the visible area. The coatings are deposited on selected float substrate-materials. The SEA-VIS is economically priced and offers a good optical quality. It can also be used in laser systems to deflect laser beams in applications at low to medium laser beam energy.


Enhanced Aluminium SEA-NIR Series (NIR)

Our SEA-NIR mirrors have the same basic design and substrate as the SEA-VIS series, but the dielectric films on top of the metal thin-film coating have been optimized for applications in the near infrared wavelengths.


Protected Aluminium SEA-UV Series (UV-VIS-IR)

The SEA-UV aluminum mirror is protected by a very thin SiO2-layer coated on top of the aluminum layer. This ensures a high ultraviolet reflectivity and, at the same time, a very broadband reflectivity up into the IR range.


Silver-Metal SHP Series (VIS-IR)

The SHP coating is an optical silver metal coated mirror with a very powerful reflectivity for polarized and unpolarized light and laser radiation in the visible wavelength range.


Dielectric High Reflection SHR-Series (VIS)

The SHR coating is an optical mirror with very high reflectivity in the visible, based on a purely dielectric thin-film layer system. It is suitable for any application requiring a very high reflection at an angle of incidence of 45°. The SHR can also be used for specific laser applications.


Dielectric High Reflection for polarized light SHP-D Series (VIS)

The dielectric SHP-D thin-film coatings have been designed for very high reflectivity for both, S & P polarized and unpolarized light for visible wavelengths and over a wide range of angles of incidence.


Dielectric Beamsplitters DST Series (VIS)

Our optical beamsplitter coatings for visible, random polarized light allow a largely neutral splitting of light and laser beams. The semi-transparent optic features anti-reflective thin films on the back to avoid overlaid images or a phantom laser beam. The design of these optical components enable a low loss of light.



Optical Coatings for Lighting Applications


Heat Reflecting Hot Mirror SIR Series (VIS/IR)

Our dielectric coated SIR thin film coating is highly transparent for visible light and strongly reflective for infrared radiation up to approx. 1100 nm. These thin-film coatings are coated on a temperature resistant borosilicate glasses.


Heat Reflection Filters SIR-IR Series (VIS/IR)

The SIR-IR coatings work in principle similar to that of our SIR. However, the visible transmission is not quite as high and the design focus of this thin-film coating is on a more broadband infrared energy blocking range.


Dielectric Cold Mirror SHD Series (VIS/IR)

Our SHD-coatings allow a very efficient separation of usable light and heat. Its dielectric coating layers provide a very high, visible reflection at an angle of incidence of 45° and simultaneously filter infrared light up to 2500 nm by transmission. So the SHD-coatings can also be used as filters. They are thin-film coated on heat resistant borosilicate materials.



Note: The manufacturing of optics with custom dimensions according to your specifications, based on the optical thin-films listed above, usually can be done within extraordinarily short delivery times. For optics based on any of our standard thin-film coatings even at large quantities, our advanced manufacturing-capabilities enable a typical lead time of only 1-2 weeks. And we can process orders even faster! You can take advantage of our unique 48h-Express Service, which is feasible for most of these thin-film coated materials. Of course the exact possible delivery time is depending on the complexity of the part, required precision, the material, the shape of the optics and on additional required machining steps required to process it. With our quotation, you always get a reliable information on the delivery time.


None of the standard optical coatings and materials listed here fit into your application?

If you search for an optical thin film coating for your application that you cannot find here, please request a quote for your customized coating or contact us. We offer advanced custom optical deposition services and we have precision manufacturing capabilities for high performance thin-films based on almost any type of precision substrate material. We can control transmissivity, cut-on and cut-off points, as well as reflection of almost any kind of optical thin film coating for wavelengths up to 2500 nm within certain physical limits.


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