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Spy Mirrors

"One-Way Mirror" coatings on glass substrates

TDS Series

Special Properties

  • Appears like a mirror from an observed brighter space
  • Transparent for the observer in the darker area
  • Chromium coated glass mirror (no plastics or foils)
  • RoHS compliant
  • Good image quality
  • Approximately 3-4% of transmittance
  • High moisture resistance (outdoor use)
  • Condensation-resistant

Typical Applications

  • Spy-Mirror
  • "One-way mirror"
  • Hidden camera animal observation
  • Hiding security video camera systems
  • Hidden observation windows
  • Mirrors for environments with high humidity

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A so-called spy mirror makes it possible to observe an illuminated room from a dark room. At the same time, it is impossible to see the observer when looking from the bright room into the dark room. Only a mirror reflection appears in the brightly lit area, so that the observer located on the dark side of the spy mirror is not detected. Due to this effect, such a spy mirror is also called a one-way mirror. This one-way mirror effect is based exclusively on a substantial difference in brightness between the mirror's two sides. A mirror that only transmits from one side is not feasible for physical reasons. Hence, it is essential for the desired function of a spy mirror that the lighting conditions between the place to be observed and the area from which it is observed differ significantly. The observed space should be illuminated as brightly as possible for the best results, while the monitored room remains as dark as possible.

You can also use our TDS spy mirror to hide surveillance camera systems. The camera is placed into a box or dark place behind the TDS mirror in such an application. The camera can't be seen from the outside, but it can still film through the TDS mirror. However, the camera must provide enough sensitivity to produce an image bright enough for this application.

Our TDS "one-way mirror" is based on a chrome coating applied to a high-quality glass substrate and offers higher image quality and, therefore, a more professional solution than plastic films or acrylic designs. For best results, the coated side of the spy mirror should point towards the bright room. The TDS is corrosion-resistant, resistant to water, acids, and other environments, and it is RoHS compliant.

With sufficient quantity, thermal hardening, as often necessary for safety-relevant areas, is possible. Other optical transmissions and different glass thicknesses are also available for large purchase quantities. Please send us your requirements in case you have any questions.

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48h-Express Service Available within 48 hours



Optical properties

  • Average visible transmittance: approx. 3-4%
  • Reflectance: approx. 60%

Standard Thickness

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Thickness (mm)


Custom optics within 48 hours
3.0 ±0.25
Thicknesses marked with "" are also available within 48 hours.
Thicknesses up to 10 mm are possible in large quantities on request.



  • Single side chrome layer (RoHS compliant)

Product code

  • TDS Spy Mirror

All given details and specifications are mean reference values and are not guaranteed. Also, please consider our "Notes on technical specifications".

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