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Quartz Microscope Slides

UV-transparent quartz slides for microscopy

Special Properties

  • Very good ultraviolet transmission of
    T > 80 % already at 185 nm
  • Temperature resistant up to 1000 °C
  • Made of synthetic quartz with UV-quality (Fused Silica)
  • Exceptional material purity
  • Low light absorption
  • High resistance against chemicals
  • Double-side optically polished
  • Very good surface quality and flatness
  • Low micro roughness (smooth surfaces)

Typical Applications

  • UV- and DUV-microscopy
  • High temperature microscope-applications
  • Low-loss and low-absorption slides and coverslips
  • Coverslips for scientific UV-microscopes
  • Special sample storage solutions
  • UV-permeable cover-slips
  • Cell research

Our company fabricates and supplies microscope slides for science and research made from high-purity synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide (Fused silica with UV-quality). Each microscopy-quartz-slide we produce provides maximum light transmission for UV–wavelengths. Since we only use synthetic fused silica for our quartz-microscope slides, we achieve a transmittance greater than 80 % beginning at 185 nm already. This supplies a very high deep-ultraviolet (DUV) transmission and keeps absorption losses in the UV-wavelength range low. Ordinary quartz-microscope slides are predominantly made from naturally occurring quartz, so-called "natural fused quartz". Most of these products can't provide such a good UV-transmission at wavelengths below approx. 240 nm.

All of our quartz microscope slide items are double-side optically clear polished and offer a very good flatness and surface quality. The exceptional purity and the very good chemical resistance of the amorphous quartz glass we use for the manufacturing of the slides often allows the storage of samples, without falsifying results of the measurements by substances or chemicals dissolved from the slide material into the specimen. Those features facilitate demanding microscopy applications in science, cell research and in the lab.

Our company supplies all the standards of fused-silica plates and coverslips for scientific microscopy listed in the table of this website at nearly any time. As an optics manufacturer, it is our business to manufacture such products in-house. Hence, if you are in search of customized quartz microscope slide products, or in case you need round quartz discs, coverslips or quartz optics we can help you as well. We can produce most custom-sized quartz components within a very short lead time. Even our new 48-h service is possible in many cases. This option allows to manufacture and ship a custom sized product within two working days, provided there are no complex additional manufacturing steps required. So, using our 48h services, you will have your customized quartz slides very quickly on your lab table, so you can continue your project without delay. Please use the button below to request a quotation for any kind of quartz microscope slides:


Quotation for
quartz microscope slide products

48h- Express Service: Shipping within two working days.

NEW! 48-h Express Service available


Within our express service, you can order the following thicknesses: 0,3mm ; 0,5mm ; 1mm ; 2mm. Within normal delivery time we polish the materials to almost any desired quartz slide thickness.



View transmittance of our quartz microscope slides (click to enlarge)

View transmission of our quartz slides made of Fused Silica at 200 - 1100 nm.


Light Transmissivity

  • Greater than 80 % at 185 nm

Refractive Index

  • nd = 1,4585


  • 2,20 g/cm3

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

  • approx. 0,57 x 10-6/K

Maximum Operating Temperature

  • approx. 1000 °C

Surface Quality

  • 60-40 scratch & dig (MIL-0-13830A)


UV- grade quartz microscope slide
standard dimensions

(Click on desired thickness of the items for a quote)





Standard Slide



10 x 10 0,4 x 0,4 0,30, 0,50, 1,00
19 x 19 0,75 x 0,75 0,30, 0,50, 1,00
23 x 23 0,9 x 0,9 0,30, 0,50, 1,00
23 x 46 0,9 x 1,8 0,30, 0,50, 1,00
23 x 66 0,9 x 2,6 0,30, 0,50, 1,00
23 x 75 0,9 x 3,0 0,30, 0,50, 1,00
25 x 25 1 x 1 0,30, 0,50, 1,00
25 x 46 1 x 1,8 0,50, 1,00
25 x 50 1 x 2 0,50, 1,00
25 x 66 1 x 2,6 0,50, 1,00
25 x 75 1 x 3 0,50, 1,00
46 x 66 1,8 x 2,6 0,50, 1,00
50 x 75 2 x 3 0,50, 1,00
70 x 70 2,75 x 2,75 0,50, 1,00
The bold dimensions are the most common microscope slide standard sizes. However, if you can use any one of the alternative, smaller sizes (not bold), this might be significantly more economical than the standards. For example the piece price of a size of 25mm x 66mm x 1mm is lower than the piece price of a 25mm x 75mm x 1mm standard dimension. Of course also round quartz plates and other shapes are available.

Thicknesses you can order at short lead times

  • 0,3mm, 0,5mm, 1mm, 2mm and 3mm


Note: Besides the quartz slides and cover slips described in this website, it belongs to our business as well to make glass components for microscopy from any of the many other specialty materials that are part of our large inventory. If you are in search for such kind of specialty microscope slides, please let us know your requirements or send us an email and we will immediately send you our quotation.



All given details and specifications are mean reference values and are not guaranteed. In addition, please consider the "Notes on specifications"