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Quartz Microscope Slides

UV-transparent object carriers for microscopy
made of Fused Silica

Special Properties

  • Excellent ultraviolet transmission of
    more than 80% at 185 nm
  • Made of synthetic optical grade quartz glass with UV-quality (Fused Silica)
  • Significantly higher material quality than conventional slides based on natural quartz
  • Excellent surface quality and flatness
  • Double-side optically polished
  • Low micro-roughness and very smooth surfaces
  • Exceptional material purity
  • Clear appearance
  • Low light absorption
  • Highly resistant against chemicals
  • Temperature resistant up to 1000 °C

Typical Applications

  • Microscope slides for advanced microscopy applications
  • Quartz object carriers for medical applications and analytics
  • Chemically resistant microscope slides
  • Scientific UV- and DUV microscopy
  • Low-loss and low-absorption coverslips
  • Quartz cover glasses
  • High-temperature microscope stages
  • Sample storage solutions
  • UV-permeable, inert cover-slips
  • Coverslips for UV-microscopes
  • Quartz plates for scientific cell research
  • Cover-slips for UV-spectroscopy

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48h-Express Service Also available in 48 h Express-Service*

Quartz microscope slides made by our company are based on optical grade high-purity synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide. Unlike conventional quartz slides made of natural fused quartz glass, our quartz object carriers offer superior optical quality and a significantly higher UV transmission even for lower UV-wavelengths. Hence, all quartz microscope slide products we produce offer more than 80% of light transmission already at 185 nm. This feature enables deep ultraviolet (DUV) microscope applications and keeps absorption losses for UV wavelengths very low. Each quartz microscope slide we manufacture is double side optically polished and offers an excellent flatness and surface quality on a level known from optics.

The outstanding purity and chemical resistance of high-quality amorphous quartz enable contamination-free sample storage solutions since no substances or chemicals can dissolve from the pure quartz object carrier into the test sample. Such features are crucial for microscopy applications in medical cell research, science, analytics, and for sample storage solutions in the lab.

Our company supplies all standards sizes of quartz microscope slides and coverslips used in science, as listed in the table of this website. Due to in-house production, we are not limited to these quartz items. Almost any shape and size is possible, no matter whether you need round quartz discs, coverslips, quartz plates, or any other quartz based product. The lead times for quartz slide products with custom dimensions are just as short as for the standard sizes, so a shopping cart does not make sense.

If you search for a speedy delivery of custom-sized quartz microscope slide items, our 48 h Express Service capabilities are available for any quartz glass thickness, as listed below. This unique option offers the manufacturing and shipping of custom-sized quartz slides within two working days, provided there are no additional complex manufacturing steps required. So when you order using our 48 h Express Services, you have your tailored quartz microscope slide on your lab table very quickly, and you can continue your project or daily business without delay.

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48h-Express Service Within the scope of our express service, you can order the following quartz microscope slide thicknesses:
0,5mm ; 1mm ; 2mm ; 3mm.
(Almost any desired thickness is possible when ordered in normal delivery service.)



View transmittance of our quartz microscope slide materials (click to enlarge)

View UV-transmission of our quartz microscope slides


  • UV-grade quartz glass (Fused Silica)

Optical Transmission

  • > 80% at 185 nm

Refractive Index

  • nd = 1,4585


  • 2,20 g/cm3

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

  • ca. 0,57 x 10-6/K

Maximum Operating Temperature

  • ca. 1000 °C

Surface Quality

  • 60-40 scratch & dig (MIL-0-13830A)

UV-grade quartz microscope slides
Standard dimensions

(For a quote click on desired quartz slide thickness)




in inches

Standard Quartz Slide



10 x 10 0,4 x 0,4 0,50, 1,00
19 x 19 0,75 x 0,75 0,50, 1,00
23 x 23 0,9 x 0,9 0,50, 1,00
23 x 46 0,9 x 1,8 0,50, 1,00
23 x 66 0,9 x 2,6 0,50, 1,00
23 x 75 0,9 x 3,0 0,50, 1,00
25 x 25 1 x 1 0,50, 1,00
25 x 46 1 x 1,8 0,50, 1,00
25 x 50 1 x 2 0,50, 1,00
25 x 66 1 x 2,6 0,50, 1,00
25 x 75 1 x 3 0,50, 1,00
46 x 66 1,8 x 2,6 0,50, 1,00
50 x 75 2 x 3 0,50, 1,00
70 x 70 2,75 x 2,75 0,50, 1,00
The bold numbers represent the most common standards of microscope slides and coverslips used in the science lab. However, if you can use any one of the alternative smaller dimensions (not bold), please take into account that these sizes might result in a significantly lower piece price than for the standard quartz slide sizes. For example, the price of a quartz microscope slide at 23mm x 66mm x 1mm is significantly lower than the one of a 25mm x 75mm x 1mm standard dimension. Also, round quartz plates, other shapes, and quartz coverslips are available. Please feel free to send us your request.

Quartz Slide thicknesses with short lead times

  • 48h-Express Service 0,5mm, 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm
  • Express shipping is optionally possible

Note: Besides the quartz slides and coverslips described in this website, our company supplies specialty glass products made of any of the many other materials from our extensive product range. If you are in search of such kind of specialty microscope slides or coverslips or if you need additional support, please let us know your requirements. We immediately send our price quote.


All given details and specifications are mean reference values and are not guaranteed. Also, please consider the "Notes on specifications".

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