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Optical and Technical Glass

Product categories of technical and optical glasses

Optical Glass (Block & Rolled Materials for Optics)

Optical glass is clearly defined in regards to refractive index, Abbe number and other optical properties. Usually it has a very high material purity, contains only minimal amounts of bubbles and inclusions, and often features an excellent refractive index homogeneity. Materials of this category are mainly used for precision optics with increased optical requirements. Optical windows, mirror substrates, lenses, or lens blanks are often made of these glasses. Here you will find links with properties and specifications of some of our optical, block, drawn, rolled, bar, quartz, and precision glass materials like N-BK7, optical quartz glass (fused silica), ULE® low expansion glass, PYREX®, and VYCOR®.



Flat glass and Microsheets

Technical sheet glass types offers a much better surface quality, purity, and flatness than ordinary standard flat glass. These glass products meet the high requirements of many industrial optical and optoelectronic applications. They often offer unique properties such as high-temperature resistance, excellent surface quality or increased flatness. In many cases, they can be used for optical applications without the need for additional expensive polishing processes. Here you will find the spec-sheets of our high-grade flat glass materials BOROFLOAT® and B 270® crown glass from SCHOTT as well as 1737F, EAGLE2000, and 7059 from CORNING plus our selected float glass.



Thin Glass, Thin Microsheets, and Thin Display Glass

Special thin glasses, microplates and display glass materials have unique features and offer extraordinary properties. They can be, for example, low-alkali or alkali-free, extremely thin, flexible, or light-weight. These materials are suitable for thin glass optics, the production of displays, or for the design of COG-processes. Here you will find the specification-sheets of our thin glass, microsheet, and display glasses like D263 T, AF 32® eco, AS 87 eco, MEMpax®, AF45, AF37 from SCHOTT, 1737F, EAGLE2000, 0211 from CORNING, and of our selected float glass.



Specialty Sight Glass (Materials for Special Sight Glass Applications)

Our specialty sight glass allows visual observation under special conditions. Such material types do not have to have optical quality, as this is not a design requirement for such products. They feature unique capabilities such as high-temperature resistance, high chemical resistance or protection against X-rays (lead glass), for example. More...


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