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VYCOR® 7913

High temperature glass with 96 % SiO2 content

Special Properties

  • Low thermal expansion
  • High temperature resistance
  • High temperature change resistance
  • Low specific weight
  • Heat resistant 96 % silica glass
  • Good chemical resistance
  • More economical than quartz glass

Typical Applications

  • Ultraviolet applications
  • Dielectric components
  • Quartz Glass / Fused Silica substitution
  • Heat shields
  • Heat resistant glass components
  • Substrates and glass wafers

The thermal characteristics of VYCOR® are comparable to those of quartz VYCOR raw material and finished opticsglass or fused silica whereas VYCOR® is more economical. A good temperature resistance allows the use of this glass at high continuous operating temperatures of up to 900 °C. The 96 % portion of SiO2 in the glass composition, results in a low coefficient of thermal expansion and a good thermal shock resistance. The material better withstands harsh environmental conditions like acids, water, steam, low and high temperatures than most other glass materials. VYCOR® raw material is produced by Corning. It comes in unpolished rolled glass sheets and is ground and polished to meet the technical requirements of each individual application. Not at least, the interesting electrical characteristics, a high ultraviolet and visible transmittance make this glass a good choice for many special technical optical applications.

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Note: The production of VYCOR7913 raw material has been discontinued and it is not available anymore. We might have alternative material options. Please contact us with your detailed requirements.


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Refractive Index

  • nd = 1,458 (588 nm)


  • 2,18 g/cm3

Young's Modulus

  • 6,62 x 1010 Pa

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (0-300° C)

  • 7,5 x 10-7

Chemical Properties


5 % NaOH

N/50 Na2CO3

5 % HCL

Temp. (°C) 100 100 95
Duration (h) 6 5 24
Weight loss
0,9 0,07 0,0005


All given details and specifications are mean reference values and are not guaranteed. In addition, please consider our "Notes on technical specifications"