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Radiation Shielding Glass RD 30®

Monolithic X-Ray Protection Glass

Special Properties

  • Monolithic glass with lead equivalent ≥ 0,5 mm Pb
  • Protection against X-ray and gamma radiation
  • Non-flammable
  • More scratch resistant than acrylic
  • Good optical transmission and clarity
  • Larger glass dimensions possible
  • Holes and recesses with freely defined dimensions can be produced
  • Can be ground and polished to a custom thickness

Typical Applications

  • Protective sight glass window with effective shielding of X-ray and gamma radiation
  • Radiation shielding glass for mammography devices
  • Medical X-ray equipment and -rooms
  • Protection glass window for irradiation applications
  • Dental radiological applications
  • Viewports in doors to radiological rooms
  • Radiation protection for material testing applications
  • Shielding glass for glove boxes
  • Radiation protection viewing window in medical areas

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Radiation shielding glass protects against harmful radiation and increases safety

RD 30® high-quality radiation shielding glass is a drawn lead-containing flat glass product that protects against gamma and X-ray radiation. Such radiation is often used in medical technology for diagnostic purposes or in medical radiation therapy. However, also material-testing is done with the help of X-rays. Since these types of radiation have a high potential to be harmful to health, unintentional emission of radiation must be prevented at all costs. Hence, transparent device openings, sight glasses, or viewing windows in doors to radiation areas are protected with radiation shielding glass for safety reasons. RD 30® glass from SCHOTT is the only radiation shielding glass manufactured in Germany. It is an ideal and proven solution for transparent radiation shielding tasks. RD 30® is a monolithic X-ray shielding glass that contains lead oxide that provides a lead equivalent of ≥ 0.5 mm Pb at 56 kV. The lead equivalent is a measure of the protective effect of radiation protection glass materials. The value of the lead equivalent is indicated either directly in mm Pb or as a percentage of the glass thickness equal to pure lead. RD 30® glass was developed explicitly for the use in areas with lower X-ray radiation for example at mammography workplaces. However, even with tube voltages of up to 150 kV, RD 30® has a lead equivalent of ≥ 0.5 mm Pb so that it also can often be used for material testing equipment.

To ensure the durable and safe function of the shielding glass product, be sure to read and follow the installation, cleaning, and maintenance instructions for radiation shielding glass products. If you are looking for glass materials with a higher lead equivalent, i.e. with higher radiation shielding capabilities or if you search for thicker radiation shielding glass, please take a look at the RD 50® information data-sheet.

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Show the transmission curve of RD 30®
(monolithic glass)

Refractive Index

  • ne = 1,579

Mechanical Properties

  • Density: ≥ 3,13 g/cm3
  • Young's modulus E: 65 kN/mm2
  • Poisson number µ: 0,229
  • Torsion modulus G: 26 kN/mm2
  • Knoop hardness HK 0,1/20: 460

Thermal Properties

  • Mean linear coefficient of thermal expansion:
    10,5 x 10-6/K (20 °C ; 300 °C) (static measurement)
  • Transformation Temperature Tg: 452 °C
  • Viscosities and corresponding temperatures:
    • Strain point (1014,5 dPa): 424 °C
    • Annealing point (1013 dPa): 452 °C
    • Softening point (107,6 dPa): 620 °C
    • Forming temperature (106 dPa): 716 °C
    • Forming temperature (105 dPa): 798 °C
    • Forming temperature (104 dPa): 909 °C

Chemical Properties

  • Hydrolytic resistance according to DIN ISO 719:
    • Hydrolytic Class HGB 3
    • Equivalent of Alkali (Na2O) per g of glass grains: 138 μg/g
  • Acid resistant according to DIN 12 116:
    • Acid Class S4
    • Half surface weight loss after 6 h:
      67 mg/dm2
  • Alkali resistant according to DIN ISO 695:
    • Alkali Class A2
    • Surface weight loss after 3 h:
      139 mg/dm2

Lead equivalent in mm Pb for X-radiation

(monolithic RD30-glass, 6 mm thick)

Tube Voltage
Lead equivalent
(mm Pb)
< 50 ≥ 0,5
50 ≥ 0,5
56 ≥ 0,5
76 ≥ 0,5
80 ≥ 0,5
100 ≥ 0,5
110 ≥ 0,5
150 ≥ 0,5

Available Glass Thickness

If you need thicker radiation shielding glass materials in thicknesses up to 20 mm and/or a more substantial lead equivalent for greater safety, please visit our RD 50® radiation shielding glass data-sheet.


For safety reasons, please observe the installation, cleaning and maintenance instructions for radiation shielding glass products.

Further technical information is available upon request.


All given details and specifications are mean reference values and are not guaranteed. Also, please consider the "Notes on specifications".

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