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Installation, Cleaning, and Maintenance

Instructions for the safe use of radiation shielding glasses
RD 30® and RD 50®

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To use the high-quality RD 30® or RD 50® radiation shielding glass, e.g., in the X-ray range, it is essential to observe the following instructions to prevent loss of quality and ensure permanent safe operation. You should, therefore, take these notes to your records.


Installation of radiation protection glasses

  • Sealants:
    Only use acid- and alkali-free sealants for installation. Sealing agents containing acetic acid or ammonia, for example, are unsuitable.
  • Labels:
    Stickers or labels may cause staining on the glass surface due to the adhesive reaction with the radiation shielding glass.
  • Protective tape:
    Only remove any protective films or plastic tape on RD 50® after installation. Do not use sharp-edged objects to remove the film.
  • Application environment:
    Radiation shielding glass may only be used indoors. The glasses are not suitable for outdoor use.
  • Installation regulations:
    According to DIN 6812 (radiation protection regulations for the erection of X-ray systems), for installation, the on-site requirements are imperative to be considered.
  • Radiation protection overlaps:
    Make sure to consider sufficient radiation protection overlap when installing.


Cleaning and maintenance instructions

  • Avoidance of scratches:
    Due to the high lead oxide content, the surfaces of RD 30® or RD 50® can scratch more easily than ordinary glass. Also, the materials react more sensitive to contact with acids and alkalis than regular glass. Therefore, only use water, mild detergents, and soft cloths for cleaning. After cleaning, the glass must always be wiped dry. Since RD 30® has a lower lead oxide content than RD 50®, the surface of RD 30® is less sensitive than the surface of RD 50®.
  • Humidity:
    Never expose radiation shielding glasses to moisture. Avoid temperature fluctuations in connection with humidity and air that contains acids at all costs.
  • Disinfection:
    You can carry out the disinfection of RD 30® and RD 50® radiation shielding glass with commercially available disinfectants. Disinfection using UV radiation is also possible.
All given details and specifications are mean reference values and are not guaranteed. Also, please consider the "Notes on technical specifications".

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