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SCHOTT Filters

Glass filter optics made of SCHOTT color glass

Schott filter optics smallOptics made of SCHOTT color glass filter materials enable numerous scientific and industrial applications. This type of optical filter became an industrial standard a long time ago. SCHOTToptical glass filters are used for various technical applications and are also prevalent in science and research. Our delivery program of color glass filters we fabricate from raw filter glass coming in rolled sheets or block glass contains nearly all available optical glass filter materials SCHOTT produces. Hence, more than 100 different types of high-quality colored optical glass filter products for various applications are at your constant disposal. Please find the transmission spectra of most optical glass filter materials in the tables on this website.

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Individual SCHOTT Filter Curve Calculation

Online calculator for all SCHOTT filters

Our SCHOTT filter app can calculate the optical transmission of all available optical glass filters made of raw colored glass from SCHOTT. It allows you to display individual filter curves with free input of the filter thickness and spectral range of interest. You can view the pure transmission and the spectral light transmission, including reflection loss, in a graph, and you can save it as a download.


Especially interesting for all NG materials:

Convert transmission to optical density online

Use our online app to convert from optical density to transmission and vice versa. It is a helpful tool for selecting the appropriate neutral density filter material and similar components based on SCHOTT NG Neutral Density Filters.




Thicknesses and Dimensions

All polished SCHOTT filter optics are made of high-quality raw material in the form of unpolished sheets. Hence, there are no standard thicknesses, and all filters must be ground and polished to thickness.

However, due to our manufacturing capabilities, quick delivery (typically 1–2 weeks) is possible for filter thicknesses of 1 mm, 2 mm, or 3 mm up to a diameter of 49 mm or, for square parts, up to 50 mm × 50 mm. If required, please send us your inquiry, and you will receive our quotation immediately.

  • Dimensions max. 165 mm × 165 mm
    (For large quantities, larger dimensions are also possible, depending on the material.)
  • Minimum thickness of 0.5 mm
  • Maximum thickness up to 10 mm
    (depending on material)

Transmission curves of all SCHOTT filters

Please click on the filter types to display graphs.

UV-Bandpass Filters

Black- and blue color filter glass with an ultraviolet transmission





Bandpass Filters

Blue and blue-green color filter glass:











Bandpass Filters

Green color filter glass:





Longpass filters

Yellow color filter glass:


Longpass filters

Orange color filter glass


Longpass filters

Red and black color filter glass with infrared transmission



Neutral Density Filters

Neutral filter glass with balanced blocking in the visible









Longpass filters

Colorless filter glass with an ultraviolet transmission


Shortpass Filters

Heat absorbing filters






Conversion filters

Blue and brown color shade filters



The filter glasses marked with an asterisk "*" are no longer produced. You should no longer develop new products based on these colored glass filters unless you need substantial quantities of material to justify a dedicated melting campaign. There may be some remaining stock of the discontinued glass filters available.

Manufacturing Capabilities

We can fabricate all the listed color glass filters Blue optical glass filter to create optics for your specific requirements. Additional coatings, cemented filter combinations, assemblies of different colored glass filters with glass substrates, thermal tempering, or CNC manufacturing of complex components are within our capabilities and part of our daily optics production. Additional optical, thermal, and mechanical material specifications for all colored glass filters are available on request.


  • Depending on filter glass material and thickness
  • Other on request

Surface Quality

  • 80-50 scratch & dig (MIL-0-13830A)
  • Other on request

Mechanical Tolerances

  • down to ± 15 µm (depending on material)


  • Additional coatings are possible on request
    (Depending on the material, minimum quantities are required.)

Thermal Tempering

  • Full tempering is possible at ≥ 3 mm thickness
All given details and specifications are mean reference values and are not guaranteed. Also, please consider our "Notes on technical specifications".

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