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SCHOTT Filters

Optical glass filters made of SCHOTT color glass

Color glass filters made of SCHOTT optical filter glass are used as optics for many applications in science and industry. The filters became an industrial standard a long time ago. Schott filter optics smallSCHOTT filters are required for various technical applications and are as well used in science and research. Our delivery program of optical glass filters which we make by processing unpolished filter glass material, rolled filter glass sheets, or block glass materials contains all available optical glass filter materials from SCHOTT. More than 100 different types of high quality optical glass filters for various applications therefore are at your constant disposal. In the following you will find the basic transmission spectra of most of these optical glass filter materials.

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Our large assortment contains the following SCHOTT filter types:

The color glass filter types marked with an asterix (*) have been discontinued. New serial products should not be based on these glass filter materials unless there is a very high volume demand. It is possible that we have some remaining stock of these discontinued optical glass filter materials though. Please send us your inquiry in such cases.


Click on a filter name to view the transmission curve of the respective optical glass filter:

UV-Bandpass Filters

Black- and blue color filter glass with transmission in the ultraviolet range





Bandpass Filters

Blue and blue-green color filter glass:











Bandpass Filters

Green color filter glass:





Bandpass Filters

Yellow color filter glass:


Longpass filters

Orange color filter glass


Longpass filters

Red and black color filter glass with transmission in the infrared



Neutral Density Filters

Neutral filter glass with balanced blocking in the visible









Converter Application:

Transmission <-> Optical Density

Here you will find our application for converting optical density to transmission and vice versa. It is a helpful tool that can support you in the selection of the suitable neutral density filter material based on the SCHOTT NG neutral glass filters.


Longpass filters

Colorless filter glass with transmission in the ultraviolet


Shortpass Filters

Heat absorbing filters






Conversion filters

Blue and brown color shade filters






  • Depending on filter material and thickness
  • Other on request

Surface Quality

  • 80-50 scratch & dig (MIL-0-13830A)
  • Other on request

Mechanical Tolerances

  • down to ± 15 µm (depending on material)

Maximum Possible Filter Optics Dimension

  • 165 mm x 165 mm
    (at very high quantities larger dimensions possible)
  • Thickness 0,25 mm up to 10 mm
    (depending on material)


  • Additional coatings are possible on request
    (depending on material)

Thermal Tempering

  • Full tempering possible at ≥ 3 mm thickness

Manufacturing Capabilities

All listed color glass filters can be individually fabricated Blue optical glass filter to optics for your special requirements. Additional coatings, cemented filter combinations, assembling of different color glass filters with glass substrates, thermal tempering, or CNC-manufacturing of complex components are possible and part of our daily optics production.

Additional optical, thermal, and mechanical material specifications of all colored glass filters are available on request.


Try out our free SCHOTT-Filter Calculator

Use our online SCHOTT-filter calculator for the calculation of the transmittance spectra of all available optical glass filters made of SCHOTT color glass filter material free of charge. Our calculator can compute custom filter transmission curves. You can choose to analyze the internal transmittance or the external transmittance including the surface reflection loss. Zoom to a specified wavelength range or view the full transmission spectrum of the filters.


All given details and specifications are mean reference values and are not guaranteed. In addition please consider our "Notes on technical specifications"