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Ultraviolet Cold Mirrors

Typical Applications

  • Didlectric mirror coating
  • 45° UV-Mirror
  • Sensor Technology
  • Ultraviolet Heat / Light Separation
  • Ultraviolet Exposure Machines
  • Medical Technology

Our heat-transmitting SUV-ultraviolet front surface mirror consists of a 100 % dielectric coating and is coated on a borosilicate glass substrate. A high reflection in the range of approximately 350 - 450 nm and a high transmission in the range of 600 - 2.500 nm are significant characteristics of our dielectric ultraviolet cold mirrors. These properties make our ultraviolet mirror a good choice for heat - UV-light separation applications. (If you only need an UV-mirror without heat transmittance please follow this link.) The coatings of our SUV ultraviolet mirror guarantees durable resistance against heat, humidity and abrasion. The ultraviolet mirror coatings can be modified for other wavelengths, cut-on or cut-off points according to custom specification.


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Show transmission curve of SUV ultraviolet mirror

Product Code

  • SUV



  • 100 % dielectric
  • Other wavelengths, cut-ons and cut-offs on request


  • Depending on substrate material and thickness
  • Other on request

Surface Quality

  • typ. 80-50 scratch & dig (MIL-0-13830A)
  • Other on request

Standard thicknesses

  • 1,10 mm / 1,75 mm
All given details and specifications are mean reference values and are not guaranteed. In addition, please consider our "Notes on technical specifications"