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Al2O3 Aluminum Oxide

Technical high performance ceramics (Alumina)

Special Properties

  • High Purity (99,7 %)
  • Extremely temperature resistant
  • Very good electrical insulation properties
  • Extremely strong dielectric strength
  • Very good mechanical strength
  • Exceptionally good tribological properties
  • Can be processed on conventional CNC machines with abrasive tools
  • Low dissipation factor
  • Good metallizability
  • Very hard material

Typical Applications

  • High temperature ceramic components
  • Electrical high performance insulators
  • Space Applications
  • Dielectric for capacitors
  • Welding nozzles
  • Bushings

Al2O3 Aluminum oxide, a ceramic with
extreme characteristics

Aluminum oxide (Al2O3 or Alumina) is a white opaque high performance ceramic with many interesting physical properties. Alumina is extremely temperature resistant and it has a very good mechanical strength. Aluminum oxide offers extraordinarily good electrical insulation properties. Alumina has a low dissipation factor and a strong dielectric strength which enables many electrical applications such as insulators or as a dielectric, etc. But also the mechanical characteristics of aluminum oxide are a noteworthy feature of this ceramic material. Parts that are made of aluminum oxide materials are often used when exposed to mechanical wear and show a very good wear resistance. Due to the good tribological properties much longer life times of workpieces can often be achieved with Al2O3. Since aluminum oxide materials can be ground using conventional abrasive tools on conventional CNC machines, complex workpieces made of this special alumina material can be manufactured. The potential complexity of the components that can be manufactured of aluminum oxide is limited only by the technical limits of the machinery used, so even very complex and very precise workpieces can be produced of Al2O3 aluminum oxide. For further specific information about our aluminum oxide materials, please use our information request form.

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Raw Density

  • 3,75 - 3,94 g/cm3


  • 99,7 % Al2O3

Type classified by DIN EN 60672

  • C799

Thermal Expansion

  • 78 x 10-7 / °C (20-700 °C)
  • 86 x 10-7 / °C (20 - 1000 °C)


  • Max. operating temperature under
    mechanical load: approx. 1700 °C
  • Good thermal shock resistance
  • Specific heat capacity: 990 J kg-1 K-1
    (20-100 °C)


  • Modulus of elasticity : 300-380 GPa
  • Mohs hardness : 9
  • Modulus of rupture : 300 Gpa (20 °, 3-Point)


  • Electric strength: 17 kV/mm (IEC 672-2)
  • Specific DC-resistance: 1014 Ω cm (20 °C)

Other specifications

  • Water absorption capacity: ≤ 0,2 %
  • Leak rate: 10-10 hPa dm3 s-1 (20 °C)

All given details and specifications given here are mean reference values and are not guaranteed. In addition, please consider our "Notes on technical specifications"