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Front Surface Mirrors, Mirror Optics

Summary of our reflecting optics

Front surface mirrors are mainly used in optical applications. The difference compared to ordinary backside coated mirrors is, that the reflective thin film coating is located on the top surface of a glass substrate. This means, the incident light is reflected directly by the front surface of the mirror. This way the image does not have to pass through a glass twice to be reflected and therefore has a much higher image quality plus it is free of ghost imaging. Because the coating of conventional mirrors is located on the backside of a glass, they produce ghost images caused by secondary reflection of the uncoated glass which the image has to pass before it is reflected. The original image is overlaid with a second image of lower intensity, resulting in a blurry picture. This unwanted effect is completely avoided with our high quality optical front surface mirror optics, which in addition feature a much better reflectivity, flatness and image quality than conventional mirrors can offer. Below, please find a list of links to a selection of our quality front surface mirrors. Follow the links to the respective data-sheets that contain technical information about our listed front surface mirror coatings. You will find all optical details and the reflection curves there. In addition, you have the possibility to request each of the listed front surface mirrors with custom dimensions:


Front surface mirror picture


SEA-VIS Enhanced Aluminum Front Surface Mirror (VIS)

Aluminum mirrors with dielectric overcoating, economically priced technical grade mirror, reflective in the visible range. Can be used for machine vision, office machines, projection- and laser applications. This mirror is the best choice for optical high volume applications and it is also available at large dimensions.

SEA-NIR Enhanced Aluminum Front Surface Mirror (NIR)

Technical aluminum coated mirrors using dielectric overcoating for enhanced reflection in the near infrared range

SEA-UV Protected Aluminium Front Surface Mirror (UV-IR)

Aluminium mirror with SiO2 overcoating, designed for the ultraviolet to infrared range.

SHP-D High Reflection Front Surface Mirrors for polarized light

Dielectric mirrors with enormous reflectivity in the visible range, for S&P polarized- and unpolarized light

SHP Silver Metal Front Surface Mirror

Metallic silver mirror coating with strong visible reflectivity for polarized & unpolarized light

SHR, High Reflection Dielectric Front Surface Mirror

Highly efficient technical grade mirrors with an all dielectric construction reflective for unpolarized light and laser use

SHD Dielectric Cold Mirror

Heat transmitting mirrors for lighting use

DST Beamsplitter / Partially transmissive Mirror

Color neutral, partially transmitting optical mirrors with anti reflection coating on the back surface, used for image splitting and made for the use as a laser beam divider

SUV Dielectric Ultraviolet Front Surface Mirror

Dielectric mirrors for ultraviolet light and heat transmission for lighting use

SIR Dielectric Heat Reflecting Front Surface Hot Mirror

Highly efficient heat/light separating mirror, transmits the visible range

Dielectric Hot Mirrors, Extended Blocking Range, SIR-IR Series

Broadband infrared blocking heat reflecting front surface mirrors


Spy Mirrors, "One-Way-Mirrors", TDS-Series

Partially transmitting mirror, that under special contrast conditions appear to be transparent only from one side. This mirror is new in our delivery program.

Can't find the front surface mirror you need in the list above?

Don't hesitate to request your individual quotation for your custom optical mirror! We can customize each mirror coating on a per coating run basis and we can add optical layer systems to create almost any custom mirror coating for your exacting requirements. For additional information and support just click here.

Note: We do not coat mirrors based on acrylic or plastic substrates. All of the mirrors above are available within our 48h-Express Service and can ship within two business days (view details here). Express shipping is available on request.