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High Reflection Front Surface Mirrors
for S&P-Polarized Light

SHP-D Series

Special Properties

  • Very high broadband reflectivity in the visible for
    s&p-polarized light
  • Wide range of angles of incidences
  • 100% dielectric coating
  • Low absorption
  • High operating temperature (up to 300°C)
  • Low loss

Typical Applications

  • Laser mirrors
  • Laser scanner mirrors
  • Projector optics
  • Sensor technology systems
  • Digital camera optics
  • Can often replace soft silver mirror coatings

With the new SHP-D series we developed a special quality mirror coating that offers a very high broadband reflection of s&p-polarized light and at the same time a high reflectivity for a wide range of incidence angles. These extraordinary characteristics are achieved by our new rugged durable SHP-D multilayer dielectric mirror coating for polarized light. A dielectric mirror coating usually has very angle dependent reflection characteristics. This outstanding coating design, allows various applications which are not feasible with metal coatings like silver or aluminum mirrors. The SHP-D mirror coating is temperature resistant and can be used at temperatures of up to 300C°.

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SHP-D Fornt Surface Mirror reflection

Reflectivity curve of our SHP-D mirrors

Product Code

  • SHP-D



  • Dielectric multilayer coating design


  • R avg >/= 99,5% at wavelength 420-700nm (45°)
  • Rs avg >/= 98% at wavelength 420-700nm (45°)
  • Rp avg >/= 98% at wavelength 420-700nm (45°)
  • Specifications for other incidences on request


Surface Quality

  • typ. 80-50 scratch & dig (MIL-0-13830A)
  • Other on request

Other Specifications

  • Abrasion resistance according to MIL-M-13508C
  • Adherence according to MIL-C-675C (tape test)

All given details and specifications are mean reference values and are not guaranteed. In addition, please consider our "Notes on technical specifications"