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Our Standard Thin Film Coatings

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In this overview, you will find our standard optical thin film coatings. We fabricate and process these optical thin films on glass substrates on a frequent basis, so that even the manufacturing of optics with custom dimensions according to your specifications based on the thin film coatings below usually can be done within a very short lead time. A typical lead time for any of our standard thin film coatings listed below is only 1-2 weeks, even at large quantities. And we can even be quicker. Of course the exact possible lead time is depending on the required tolerances, the shape of the optics and on the additional steps required to process the manufacturing or deposition of your part. With our quotation, you will always get a reliable information about the expected the delivery time. Please succeed the links below to the data-sheets of our standard thin film coatings and materials:


Enhanced Aluminium Mirror Coating, SEA-VIS / SEA-NIR Series

Aluminum front side coated mirror optics with dielectric overcoating on quality substrate materials. The SEA-VIS metallic thin films are designed for the visible and SEA-NIR films are optimized for the near infrared range. Also can be used as an economical alternative to dielectric mirrors for low to medium power laser applications with moderate optical requirements.

Protected Aluminium Mirror Coating, SEA-UV Series

Broadband aluminium thin film coated metal mirror with SiO2 overcoating, coated on mirror grade quality substrate materials. Good ultraviolet to infrared reflection.

SHR, High Reflection Dielectric Front Surface Mirrors

Versatile high performance technical dielectric thin film coating for light sources and laser beams.

SHD Dielectric Cold Mirrors

Heat transmitting technical grade dielectric mirror for lighting applications.

Dielectric Hot Mirror Coating, SIR-Series

IR-mirror with strong visible transmission for heat/light separation, infrared filter in front of CCD-Chips etc, coated on high temperature glass material.

Dielectric Hot Mirror Coating with extended blocking range, SIR-IR Series

Broadband infrared blocking heat protection filter.

ITO-Coating, Indium-Tin Oxide coatings, CEC-Series

Electrically conductive, optically transparent thin films on special high quality glass substrates, available with a wide range of film thicknesses and substrate materials. Deposition on custom glass possible.

Dielectric Beamsplitter Coating (Partially Transmissible Mirror) DST-Series

Made for the visible range, all dielectric thin film coatings, backside anti-reflection coated for unpolarized light and laser applications

Broadband Multilayer Antireflection Coating, ARC-Series

Efficient AR-thin films on high quality glass material to suppress the reflections from the glass face to prevent ghost images. Available from stock, coated on selected float- and borosilicate glass materials. Double and single side thin film coatings available.

SHP-D High Reflection Front Surface Mirror Coating for polarized light

Mirror with very good reflection in the visible range, designed for S&P polarized- & unpolarized light

SHP Silver Front Surface Mirror Coating

Metallic silver mirror with high visible reflection for polarized- and unpolarized light and laser applications

Custom Coatings

If you do not find the coating you are looking for, request your customized coating here. We do custom deposition of high performance thin films on almost any type of glass.