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Block Glass, Drawn Glass & Rolled Glass

Glass materials which exist as blocks, rolled or drawn glass sheet materials

The materials shown below, are raw materials that need to be sawn ground, polished and shaped in order to be used as optics. Those materials often come in form of a glass block or as thick rolled sheets. We can grind, polish, and shape them and apply optical coatings in order to make any kind of custom optics like optical windows, optical substrates or any other custom optical component out of them. Please follow the links to the following block, drawn and rolled sheet glass materials to see the respective data-sheet of each of these materials:


Block glass


N-BK7 Optical Glass

N-BK7 is an optical glass with a high optical transmission and a very pure and clear appearance. It is a very high quality standard material used for any kind of optics. The raw material is in stock in the form of unprocessed glass blocks and must be processed with glass processing techniques. more...


Synthetic Quartz Glass, UV-Grade Fused Silica

This is a technical, optical glass with a very high ultraviolet transmission down to 185 nm, a very low thermal expansion, a very high possible operating temperature of up to 1000 °C, a good chemical resistance, and a low fluorescence. more...


ULE® Zero Expansion Titania Silicate Glass

ULE® is a transparent glass with an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion, used for high-tech applications in space technology. From ULE®, for example, length standards, laser resonators or components for space technology can be produced more...


PYREX (Code 7740) Borosilicate Glass

PYREX 7740 is a technical borosilicate glass composition from CORNING with good thermal properties, a high acid resistance, a low coefficient of thermal expansion and a very good light transmission. more...


VYCOR® (Code 7913)

VYOR 7913 is a quartz glass substitution material with a 96 % SiO2 content. It was made by CORNING, USA. It has similar properties as Fused Silica, a good transmission in the ultraviolet (not as high as UV-grade Quartz glass though) up to the IR, and a high chemical resistance. more...



Is the block-, drawn- or rolled glass you are looking for not listed above?

If you couldn't find the block glass, drawn glass, rolled glass, bar glass or a specialty optical glass material you are looking for in the list above, please use our inquiry form, send us your request by e–mail, by Fax or just give us a call. We stock and process many other block glasses from SCHOTT, OHARA, CORNING and any other well-known glass melting companies worldwide that possibly might not be listed here.