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Ceramics & Glass Ceramics

High-Tech ceramic materials with special properties

MACOR machinable Glass Ceramic (MGC)

Machinable white opaque technical glass ceramic (MGC) material with a high temperature resistance and special technical properties. Can be processed with conventional tools of ordinary metal processing.

Example MACOR MGC srew  Macor finished part, example

ULE™ Ultra Low Expansion Titanium-Silicate glass

Transparent glass ceramic with extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion for high tech applications.

ZERODUR®Transparent Glass Ceramic

Extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion, very good homogeneity, glass ceramic for precision optics and high-quality applications.

AL2O3 Aluminum Oxide (Alumina) high performance ceramic

High purity high performance ceramic material with a 99,7% Al2O3 content with a very high temperatures resistance and very good electrical insulation properties.