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Technical Glass, Optical Glass & Special Glass

Product categories of our technical and optical glass

Technical glass features a high grade quality, with a superior surface quality and superior optical flatness compared to ordinary glass materials. These are the base glasses for many applications in industry, research and development.

Optical Glass has a very high purity and a very low amount of inclusions. Those kind of optical grade materials are specified more in detail in regards to their optical characteristics. Optical glass is used to make high quality optical windows, substrates, lenses or lens systems. It is generally chosen for demanding precision optics and high-end laser optical applications and whenever a particular optical property like a specific refractive index, purity etc. is function critical for a specific application.

Special glass has particular material properties. Such kind of glass types usually are developed to fulfill the specialized requirements of an industrial application. It can be for example alkali-free-, thin-, lightweight- or display grade glass.

Please follow the below links to the three product categories in which we have grouped our materials:


Sheet- and Flat glass

Here you will find an overview and links to the data sheets and properties of our sheet- and flat speciality glasses.

Thin Glass, Microsheets and Display Glass

Follow this link to the data sheets and properties of our specialized thin-, micro sheet- and display glasses.

Block-, Drawn- and Rolled optical Glass

Please follow this link to the data-sheets and properties of our block-, drawn-, rolled-, bar-, optical- and precision glass materials used for many optics.