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Optical Windows, Light Transmitting Optics

Windows made of optical & technical quality glass

Optical windows are translucent optics that are used in technically optical applications. The materials used for the production of an optical window should be of high quality, in order to keep distortion low and to ensure a high imaging quality. If required, for example for imaging or laser applications, all optical windows can be tailored to customer specifications in terms of flatness, surface quality, shape and size. Also custom coatings can be applied to the optics, provided the required quantity is large enough for a coating run. We fabricate optical windows from any high quality glass material that is available. The list below shows a selection of the most common glasses that we use for the fabrication of optical windows. Please follow the links to the respective data-sheets for detailed technical information about the materials:


Round window optics


Please select an optical window:


Selected float glass windows

BOROFLOAT® windows

B270 Superwite windows

1737 windows

EAGLE2000 windows

7059 windows

D263 windows

AF 32 eco windows

AS 87 eco windows

MEMpax® windows

N-BK7 windows

Quartz glass & Fused Silica windows

Borosilicate glass windows

Infrared blocking windows

Partially transmitting windows

ITO-coated optical windows

Multilayer broadband anti-reflective coated windows


The flat optical window that you are looking for is not listed above?

If you cannot find the optical window optics you are looking for above, please use our RFQ form, send us your e-mail request, or just call. We are manufacturing custom optical windows of many other materials, which might not be listed here.