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Optical Substrates made of Glass

Glass substrates made of various glass types

Optical substrates are often used as coating substrates for filters, mirrors and other optics. But also many scientific applications require optical substrates. In many cases, only one side of a substrate must have a high surface quality or flatness, because a substrate usually is not used in transmittance. All of our glass substrates can be polished for special custom surface quality or flatness requirements. They also can be custom coated, provided the quantity is large enough for a custom coating run. We manufacture high quality optical substrates of nearly any suitable glass material that is available on the market. Below, please find a list with links to our respective stock materials:


Optical glass substrate


Please select a glass substrate:

BK7 substrates

Quartz glass substrates and quartz microscopy slides

Selected float glass substrates

BOROFLOAT® substrates

MEMpax® substrates

B270 Superwite substrates

1737F substrates

EAGLE2000 substrates

7059 substrates

D 263T substrates

AF 32 eco substrates

AS87 eco substrates

Borosilicate glass substrates

Infrared blocking substrates

Partially transmitting substrates

ITO-coated substrates

Substrate made of ULE™

Substrate made of ZERODUR®

Multilayer broadband antireflection coated substrates

Wafer substrates made of specialty glass


Can't find the optical substrate you need for your optics application in the list above?

If you cannot find the optical substrate or materials that you need in the list above, please use our RFQ form, send us your e-mail request, , send us a fax, or just call. We manufacture optical substrates of many more materials, which might not be listed above.