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Optical Filters and Coated Filters

Overview about our optical filter products

Optical filters are used in optical systems, lighting or laser applications to block, to transmit or to filter a specific wavelength range from the incident light. These optics are either dichroic, bandpass, longpass or shortpass thin film coatings, which mostly are designed and optimized for a limited range of incidence angles and wavelengths, or they can be based on absorptive color glass filters, that have well-defined optical characteristics and which to a large extent operate independently from the incidence angle. Optical filters are used in for machine vision, optical sensor sytems, in lighting systems, in astronomy, for scientific and research applications like fluorescence spectroscopy and fluorescence microscopy or for photography and CCD-camera applications.

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Cemented filters that create a bandpass filter combinationnullspacerCoated filters


Optical Glass Filters made of original SCHOTT raw material

More than 60 different SCHOTT filter high quality materials from stock which represent an industry standard since many years. Our huge program of optical glass filters includes shortpass filters, longpass filters, bandpass filters, optical density filters, conversion filters and color filters for a wide range of applications. All these filters must be ground, polished and shaped to the desired form and dimension. The filters offer a high optical quality, so that even demanding optical applications can be based on these interesting optical filter materials. Optically cemented filter combinations that open up the possibility of special filter applications even at smaller quantities are possible on request. more...


Neutral Density Filters, Grey Filters, OD-Filters

Our neutral density filters are made of SCHOTT NG 1, NG 3, NG 4, NG 9, NG 10, NG 11 or NG 12 material which are actually part of the optical glass filter program from SCHOTT. Due to their special properties, we think this filter category has deserved an own page in our website. The filters offer a well defined and to a large extend color neutral and uniform attenuation of light that is achieved by absorption. The optical transmittance is adjusted by choosing the appropriate material and by polishing the filters to a specific glass thickness. more...


Heat Reflection Filters (Heat Reflecting Hot Mirrors) SIR Series

The SIR is a coated dichroic filter with a 100 % dielectric coating construction. The filters pass the visible and filter near infrared light up to approximately 1100 nm very efficiently by reflection. The rugged filter design allows the use at high operating temperatures. more...


Heat Reflecting Filters with extended blocking range, SIR-IR Series

The SIR-IR works with the same principle the SIR does. But it offers a more broadband infrared blocking range. At the same time the visible transmission and blocking aren't as efficient as they are for the SIR. So, the SIR-IR presents the best possible compromise in regards to optical transmission and broadband heat blocking that can be achieved based on a dielectric coating. more...


Cold Light Filters, (infrared transmitting mirrors), SHD-Series

The SHD is a dielectric, dichroic lighting filter coating with a high reflection for visible light and a high transmission up to 2500 nm. It is used to obtain a cold light beam, by reflecting it by 45° and by transmitting the heat at 0°. In some instances the mirror can also be used as a laser beam combiner or as an economically priced high reflection laser mirror. more...


Heat Absorbing Filters KG1-KG5

The KG heat absorbing filters are made of SCHOTT KG raw materials. The filter absorbs infrared radiation (heat) and allows visible light to pass. Some KG-filters works as bandpass filters, because they block deep UV-light. In contrary to dielectric coated filters, heat absorbing filters are designed to warm up during operation. They absorb the thermal energy which then can be removed from a system by cooling the filter itself. more...




Our SCHOTT Filter Online-Calculator

Use our online SCHOTT-filter calculator for the computation of transmission curves of all available SCHOTT filters. You can simulate the optical transmission of any SCHOTT bandpass, shortpass, longpass, or OD glass filters and display or print out the transmission curves. more...



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