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Optical Filters, Coated Filters & Filter Coatings

Summary of our optical filter types

Optical filters are used in optical systems, lighting or laser applications to block, to transmit, to pass or to filter out a specific wavelength range of the incidence light. These optics are either dichroic, bandpass, longpass or shortpass thin film coatings, which mostly are designed and optimized for a smaller range of incidence angles and limited wavelengths, or they can be based on color filters, that have well-defined optical characteristics, which to a large extent operate independently from the angle of incidence. Also optically cemented filter combinations are possible on request. Below you will find a selection of optical filters from our extensive manufacturing program:


Cemented filter combination that create a bandpass filternullspacerCoated filter optics


Optical Glass Filters made of original SCHOTT raw material

More than 60 different SCHOTT filters from stock. The huge filter program includes shortpass filters, longpass filters, bandpass filters, optical density filters, conversion filters and color filters for a wide range of applications. Please find our SCHOTT-filter calculator to compute light transmittance spectra for all available SCHOTT filters here.

Neutral Density Filters, Grey Filters

Neutral density filters made of SCHOTT NG 1, NG 3, NG 4, NG 9, NG 10, NG 11 & NG 12 filter material.

Heat Reflection Filters (Heat Reflecting Hot Mirrors) SIR Series

Coated dichroic filters with dielectric coating construction, that pass the visible and filter out near infrared light.

Heat Reflection Filters, extended blocking range, SIR-IR Series

Broadband infrared blocking infrared reflection filter.

Cold Light Filters, (infrared transmitting mirrors), SHD-Series

Dielectric dichroic lighting filter coating with high reflection of the visible light and high transmission up to 2500nm. Can also be use as a laser beam combiner or as a laser mirror.


Heat Absorbing Filters KG1-KG5

Absorbing filters made of SCHOTT KG raw materials.


Our SCHOTT Filter Online-Calculator

Use our online SCHOTT-filter calculator for the computation of transmission curves of all available SCHOTT filters.


None of the filters listed here meets the requirements of your applications?

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