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Thin Glass, Microsheets & Display Glass

D263 T

Clear technical, fire polished thin glass and ultra thin glass, made of very pure raw ingredients. The glass offers a high chemical resistance and has good optical properties. It is also used as a display glass. Available at 0,03mm to 1,10mm (0,00118" to 0,0433") thickness.


MEMpax® is a brand new thin glass with the exceptional technical properties of borosilicate glass. Currently available thicknesses are 0,2-0,5mm.


Fire-polished, alkali-free thin and very thin glass. AF45 has a low thermal expansion offers a high visible light transmission. Available at 0,05mm to 0,7mm (0,00197" to 0,0276") thickness.

1737F Low Alkali Glass

Near zero alkali aluminosilicate composition. Technical glass that withstands rigorous thermal cycles of e.g. poly silicate transistor processes. Possible replacement material for 7059F.

EAGLE2000 Lightweight Low Alkali Glass

Lightweight glass with a low alkali Alkaline Earth Boro-Aluminosilicate composition. Technical glass for AMLCD applications and COG (chip on glass) processes with a high surface quality and good flatness.

Selected white float glass

Universal, high quality thin glass. Smooth selected high quality surfaces good optical transmission, economically priced. Available at 0,4mm to 3,0mm thickness


Alkali reduced thin soda lime sheet glass, nearly flawless, with fire-polished surfaces.
Available at 0,066mm to 0,533mm (0,0026" to 0,021") thickness


Newly developed, alkali and arsenic free aluminosilicate display thin glass features a good flatness, good thermal resistivity and good chemical resistance. Available at 0,7mm thickness

The thin glass, ultra thin glass, or microsheet you are looking for is not listed above?

If you could not find the thin glass, ultra thin glass or micro sheet glass material or the thickness you were looking for in the list above, please use our inquiry form, send us your request by email, by Fax or just call. We have additional speciality thin glass materials and thicknesses in our delivery program that might not be listed here.