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Borosilicate Glass Wafers

Wafers made of BOROFLOAT®, PYREX® and MEMpax® Glass

Typical Applications

  • Glass wafers for anodic bonding with silicon wafers
  • Semiconductor devices
  • Micro lithography
  • Optical substrates
  • Micro system technology
  • Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)
  • Substrate for electronic circuits
  • Microstructuring applications
Borosilicate glass wafer with SEMI-standard flat

PYREX Glass wafer made for the semiconductor industry

The picture shows a CNC-shaped PYREX® glass wafer, double side polished, with a SEMI-standard orientation flat.

Glass wafers packaged in typical
clean room tray after polishing
and cleaning processes.

Clean room compatible glass wafer packaging

At sufficient quantities, we make, clean, and package your PYREX®, MEMpax® or BOROFLOAT®glass wafers according to clean room specifications (class 1000).

Our high quality precision glass wafers are manufactured of PYREX®, BOROFLOAT® or MEMpax® glass and have polished or fire polished surfaces. They feature an excellent flatness and a low warp. The thermal coefficient of expansion of all three glass materials is close to the one of silicon, which facilitates sophisticated applications in the semiconductor industry, such as anodic bonding glass to silicon, MEMS and various other micro optical and optics applications.

All of our stock borosilicate glass wafers feature a SEMI standard flat. On demand at sufficient quantities, it is it is part of our capabilities to manufacture custom specific dimensions, shapes or to process other high quality wafer glass materials. Also optional special CNC-machining and clean room compatible packaging is available.

We further make customized glass wafers of any other suitable glass material like quartz glass, fused silica or based on other high grade precision glass materials. The shape of a glass wafer can be just round or it can have one or two SEMI-standard flats or a SEMI-standard notch if required and provided the production quantity is large enough. The wafers can just have precision-cut glass edge as it will be the case for low-cost options, or they can have a seamed or C-shaped ground edge. At larger quantities also a machining of wafers with other features like notches or shapes that are common in the semiconductor industry are possible. In addition, we make glass wafers based on economically priced glass materials which are often used as dummy wafers, resulting in large savings in all cases with moderate requirements. Besides the borosilicate glass materials which are mainly used for semiconductor devices, we process glass wafer components based on any of the following glass materials:

Please use our inquiry form to get your quotation for a custom glass wafers made of borosilicate glass or of any other glass material. In addition to what is shown in this data-sheet, custom polishing finishes, a special TTV (total thickness variation), enhanced surface qualities, and other shapes or edge configurations produced by using CNC-machining techniques are part of our capabilities. Just contact us if you have any technical queries. Please use the button below to place your enquiry for any kind of glass wafers:


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Note: As the production of PYREX® raw glass material has been discontinued a long time ago, we only stock a small remaining stock of this raw material. Therefore we focused on the production of glass wafers made of the borosilicate glass materials BOROFLOAT® and MEMpax® which both offer a superior glass quality and an almost identical density, refractive index and coefficient of thermal expansion plus a better purity.

Typical Specifications

Refractive Index


  • 2,23g/cm3

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (0-300°C)

Dielectric Constant

  • 4,6 (20°C; 1Mhz)

Loss Factor

  • 0,5% (20°C;1Mhz)

Common Glass Wafer Sizes

  • ø100mm or ø4" Wafer
    (Flat: 32,5mm +/-1,0)
  • ø125mm or ø5" Wafer
    (Flat: 37,5mm +/-1,0)
  • ø150mm or ø6" Wafer
    (Flat: 42,5mm +/-1,0)
  • ø200mm or ø8" Wafer
    (Flat: 57,5mm +/-1,0)
  • Other glass wafer size, thicknesses
    and other flats or secondary flats per inquiry

Standard Thickness

  • 0,500mm (+/-0,025)
  • 0,525mm (+/-0,04)
  • 0,700mm (+/-0,025)
  • Other glass wafer thickness and tolerance available on demand

TTV (total thickness variation)

  • per inquiry
    (limits depend on glass material, thickness, wafer size and shape of the glass wafers)

Surface Quality & Polishing Finishes

  • typical 60-40 scratch & dig (MIL-0-13830A)
  • other surface quality and polishing finishes are available per inquiry

All given details and specifications are mean reference values and are not guaranteed. In addition, please consider our "Notes on technical specifications"